How Luminance works

Luminance harnesses the latest advances in artificial intelligence, developed in-house by our team of Cambridge University Ph.Ds.

Luminance pairs three key new-era technologies with human training and experience to transform legal document understanding:

  •       Pattern recognition algorithms

  •      Advanced statistical probability analysis

  •       Supervised and unsupervised machine learning
Revolutionary machine learning

Machine learning algorithms give computers the ability to learn and teach themselves from the data they are given, without being explicitly programmed. Luminance’s unique combination of supervised and unsupervised learning allows the system to constantly improve and adjust its algorithms based on every data room it encounters. This means that, whilst Luminance comes with a ‘starter pack’ of commonly-used clause and document types that it will automatically identify, it also learns and improves as you use it

Machine learning offers lawyers vital flexibility. Luminance can be used for any project or transaction, with no extensive training required. It is simple to teach Luminance to recognise new legal concepts, in any language, so that customers can build their own knowledge and expertise into the system.

Luminance is the only legal technology today to employ unsupervised machine learning. This approach means it does not need any input from a human to identify key similarities and differences across large numbers of contracts.

Anomaly detection
Data visualisation
Machine learning
Anomaly detection

Anomalies are differences in structure and content that Luminance has identified between similar contracts. Using Luminance’s anomaly score, lawyers can pinpoint areas of potential concern from day one, focus on the most atypical documents and begin to compile a red-flag report at the outset of a project. Luminance has found over 8,000 anomalies in clients’ documents to date, including unusually worded clauses, missing or additional clauses, and missing pages.

Data visualisation

Luminance’s unique data visualisation dashboard provides a global overview of any body of contracts, automatically identifying languages, currencies, locations, governing laws and more. Lawyers can instantly see where review needs to be focused and allocate resources accordingly.

Language Agnostic

The power of machine learning means Luminance offers the only truly language-agnostic technology on the market, and the majority of our clients use the platform to review multilingual projects. Because it detects patterns in the language of any data set, Luminance does not need to be ‘fluent’ in a language in order to be useful. The more concepts your team identifies to Luminance in non-English languages, the more sophisticated its understanding becomes.

Plug and Play

Luminance is the first contract review technology to be entirely plug and play without sacrificing intelligence. Legal teams no longer have to adapt their work to the demands of complicated systems, but can begin using the platform with no set-up or training. The unique pricing and delivery model makes artificial intelligence accessible to firms of any size, while Luminance’s built-in integrations with major virtual data room providers remove any speed barriers to the transaction.

Document Clustering

Luminance’s advanced algorithms automatically identify documents by type and expose clusters of similar documents. Importantly, the system does not refer back to a predetermined standard contract, or search based on keywords or file names. This means the system can be used to uncover differing template documents, or find groups of contracts that differ from the norm.

Streamlined Collaboration

Project management takes up valuable time in legal teams of any size. Luminance’s built-in workflow tools enable documents to be assigned to team members with ease and eliminate the risk of contracts being skipped or reviewed multiple times. Annotations can be used to give advice, make recommendations or flag key issues, ensuring a tight feedback loop between the partner, team and client.


Protecting customers’ data is of utmost importance. Luminance has therefore implemented international security standards and best practices at every layer of the company. Customers can be assured that they are provided with a robust, reliable and highly secure solution, whether hosted within the cloud or deployed within their own environment. Information uploaded to Luminance is stored securely on the Luminance cloud servers or on-site appliances. All data stored is encrypted to ensure that document content and metadata such as document annotations are protected.

Our security, infrastructure and operational practices have been certified by BSI as compliant with ISO27001:2013. Our certificate number is IS 676638.

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