How Luminance works

Luminance pairs the computing power of artificial intelligence with human training and experience. Luminance can process large, complex and fragmented data sets within an hour, and presents the entirety of the data room in an intuitive visualiser.

Sophisticated document clustering and filtering takes place in a secure environment, providing advisors with an instant understanding of a company. This enables them to focus their review where it matters most and eliminate administrative tasks.

Why use artificial intelligence?

Due diligence is a complex, time-sensitive and high-risk task. Contract review is usually conducted by newly-qualified lawyers who spend long hours over late nights and weekends reading hundreds of pages, a process which is subject to human error.

Luminance helps lawyers to categorise, review and analyse thousands of documents and contracts in the data room. This new approach allows for incredibly powerful search and filter capabilities, increasing the efficiency of contract review by at least 50%.

Furthermore, the ability to identify anomalous contracts and clauses greatly minimises the risk of missing key information in contracts.

Clause identification
Data visualisation
Anomaly detection
Clause identification

Luminance uses machine learning to understand the complex language of legal clauses. It tags key clause types, facilitating a critical review of documents. Notes can be added directly and included in a final detailed report.

Data visualiser

Luminance’s easily navigable and intuitive interface streamlines the process of due diligence. The visualiser offers an intelligent and comprehensive overview of all the contents of the data room. Luminance groups documents by type, currency, language and location, and enables users to review documents and assign tasks instantly.

Anomaly detection

Luminance detects anomalous and potentially concerning clauses, even by their absence, far more quickly and accurately than the human brain can. Users can prioritise their review by focusing on the details that really matter.

Find hidden risks from day one

Luminance immediately identifies potential risks in the data room. We aim to make the discovery of risky clauses the night before the deal closes a thing of the past. Luminance sorts by document and clause type, currency, language and location to make navigation of the data room more intuitive than ever before.

Faster, more accurate review

Our ground-breaking algorithms mean Luminance understands language as humans do, rather than simply relying on keyword search. Luminance is self-learning and uncovers anomalies or even missing data without being told to look for them. And the more you use it, the better it becomes.

Make teams more productive

Luminance prioritises review and enables you to easily allocate tasks and track the progress of the entire team. The real-time overview allows for a closer relationship between you and your client. Automatically generate reports at the click of a button.

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