Expert Q&A with Dr. Artur-Konrad Wypych, Senior Associate at Bird & Bird

22 August 2019 | Luminance

Bird & Bird’s Senior Associate, Artur-Konrad Wypych, reflects on the ways in which Luminance is supercharging the work of lawyers in his firm.

How has Luminance transformed the document review process at Bird & Bird?

Whilst working at Bird & Bird, I’ve been able to use Luminance on some of the biggest document sets ever uploaded to the platform. The power of Luminance has changed the way myself and my colleagues approach projects as we know that we can review a huge amount of documents in a very short space of time.

And what has that meant for the service that you are able to deliver?

We’ve completed projects that would have been too time-consuming for our legal teams and too expensive for our clients. Without Luminance, we would either never have taken on the work or would have had to sample small portions of the documents. By reviewing the entire data set, we’re more confident in our results and can provide better advice; ultimately offering the best service for our clients.

As the usage of AI in the legal profession becomes more widespread, do you think that it could eventually make some human lawyers redundant?

Lawyers will not be replaced by AI in the future. In fact, the arrival of technology in the law actually makes our expertise and analysis more important.

How so?

Clients are already expecting some review processes to be automated, and these expectations will only increase as they are not willing to spend the amount of money needed to complete these time-consuming tasks manually. Assessing risks, providing advice and building trust between the client and the lawyer will be where lawyers are assessed in the future.

How has Luminance been received at Bird and Bird since it was set up?

Leveraging AI at Bird & Bird is not only increasing our competitive advantage, but I am also personally able to see how technology will enable me to advance in my career. I was one of the first associates in Bird & Bird’s German offices to work extensively in Luminance. Now, across the firm, more and more lawyers are coming to me for advice on how to deploy the technology within their teams, practice area and offices.

In what way has Luminance allowed you to advance your personal career?

With Luminance, I have been able to quickly build knowledge and expertise in a new way of approaching the law and develop deeper relationships across the firm. I have seen how technology can be useful for both firm-wide and personal progression.

Artur is a member of Bird & Bird’s International Employment Practice Group based in Düsseldorf. Artur studied Law at the Universities of Heidelberg, Warsaw and Muenster and was admitted to the German Bar in 2016. He has since worked as an attorney in the field of labour law, joining Bird & Bird in 2018. Artur provides legal advice on all aspects of individual and collective employment and social security law, specialising in collective bargaining, employee participation and co-determination as well as national and international M&A transactions and restructurings.