Luminance Diligence in action

Luminance Diligence

Luminance’s Diligence platform applies a unique combination of machine learning algorithms to the process of contract review. By blending both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, Luminance provides lawyers with the most rigorous analysis of their documents, instantly highlighting anomalous areas or risks that require urgent attention. Luminance works across the entire dataset, negating the need to rely on sampling, and gives lawyers confidence that no critical document or clause has been missed during review.

Able to be deployed and used within hours, Luminance is trusted by over 300 customers globally to provide the quickest, most comprehensive document reviews available

The value of Luminance for law firms

Fast, rigorous and cost-effective reviews for clients

Do more with less: using Luminance, lawyers can fulfil the most thorough review possible, derived from the entire data set, completed faster and incurring less cost

Provide better advice on clients’ risk and business planning

Because Luminance expedites the review process, lawyers can spend more time advising clients around business-critical issues, such as indications of bribery or change of control clauses. By instantly surfacing these red flags, negotiating positions can be strengthened from the outset, ensuring the best outcome for clients.

Additional revenue opportunities

Luminance allows less resource to be used up on reviews, allowing firms to expand the range of services they can offer to clients.

Key Benefits

  • Speed: expedite the review

    From 79 documents reviewed per hour manually to over 3600 documents reviewed per hour using Luminance

    - Bird & Bird

  • Confidence: review 100% of documents

    Using Luminance, the lawyers conducted their review 400 times faster, ensuring they could read and understand every document rather than rely on sampling or outsourcing to meet deadlines.

    - Dentons

  • Boost productivity

    Review time slashed from seven months to just 10 days, representing a 1,440% increase in productivity and a 95% time-saving.

    - EY

Case Study: Bird & Bird

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Pre-set clause models for rapid document analysis:

Use Luminance’s AI-built
models or build your own
Automatic pre-set
clause models
Begin your review
within the hour

Clause models are designed for due diligence, lease review, compliance, employment review, underwriting and more