Luminance is a new class of document analysis software that will transform our approach to big data. Trained by legal experts, the revolutionary technology is founded on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence at the University of Cambridge.

Luminance understands language the way humans do, in volumes and at speeds that humans will never achieve. It provides an immediate and global overview of any company, picking out warning signs without needing any instruction.

Luminance adds value to a legal team, freeing lawyers to focus on what matters.

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The average M&A data room contains 34,000 pages of documentation. Our unique software digests a data room of this size in one sitting and can easily handle more. Luminance’s visualiser turns unstructured data into meaningful information, offering both a global overview of the company and a forensic insight into the documents.

Find hidden risks from day one

Luminance immediately identifies potential risks in the data room. We aim to make the discovery of risky clauses the night before the deal closes a thing of the past. Luminance sorts by document and clause type, currency, language and location to make navigation of the data room more intuitive than ever before.

Faster, more accurate review

Our ground-breaking algorithms mean Luminance understands language as humans do, rather than simply relying on keyword search. Luminance is self-learning and uncovers anomalies or even missing data without being told to look for them. And the more you use it, the better it becomes.

Make teams more productive

Luminance prioritises review and enables you to easily allocate tasks and track the progress of the entire team. The real-time overview allows for a closer relationship between you and your client. Automatically generate reports at the click of a button.

We ran numerous due diligence exercises ... with the traditional method running in parallel, and compared the results. Luminance was better and much, much, much quicker
Steve Cooke, Senior Partner, Slaughter & May
Luminance's unique approach is revolutionising legal due diligence. Some of the UK's largest firms will benefit from dramatic improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of contract review.
Robert Webb, QC
It is not an understatement to say that this is an application of Artificial Intelligence that will completely transform the due diligence process, which is perhaps long overdue.
Dr Mike Lynch OBE FREng FRS, Founder Invoke Capital
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