Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Trained by legal experts, the revolutionary technology is founded on the latest breakthroughs in pattern recognition and machine intelligence.

Luminance reads and understands contracts and other legal documents in any language, finding significant information and anomalies without any instruction. No set-up or customisation is required – Luminance can be ready to use on your first project in under a day.

Whether used for due diligence, compliance, insurance or contract management, Luminance adds value to a legal team, freeing lawyers to focus on what matters.

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Luminance is a comprehensive product that truly enhances the due diligence process across our practice areas ... Technologies such as Luminance are the future.
Josias Dewey, Innovation Partner, Holland & Knight
Luminance’s new-era product offers our clients exactly the kind of innovation they need ... Luminance stands head and shoulders above other providers in this space.
Lucy Nixon, Director CAS
I am confident Luminance will raise the bar for how due diligence should be done and will appeal to the most ambitious and talented lawyers.
Svein Gerhard Simonnæs, Partner BA-HR
Luminance is one of the very few companies in this market that has a clear idea of what AI can do for legal and has a product to demonstrate it.
Santiago Gomez Sancha, IT Director Uría Menéndez
Luminance increases the meaningfulness of our lawyers' work by cutting down the quantity of administrative work. We see ourselves as a forerunner in many areas and introducing AI-based solutions is a natural step in developing our services.
Tero Jormanaine, Partner Roschier
It is not an understatement to say that this is an application of artificial intelligence that will completely transform the due diligence process, which is perhaps long overdue.
Dr Mike Lynch OBE FREng FRS, Founder Invoke Capital

Luminance’s intuitive interface streamlines contract review, offering an intelligent and comprehensive overview of thousands of documents at a glance. Lawyers can get an instant understanding of the scope of a project before document review even begins, helping them to prioritise and focus their review. The platform is designed to be entirely plug and play, with no set-up or training of the system required to get insight into any project.

Luminance users often find surprising elements within their body of documentation – perhaps the target company has interests in a jurisdiction subject to sanctions, sales agreements in a weak currency, or contracts subject to the governing law of a foreign country.

Find hidden risks from day one

Luminance immediately identifies potential risks in the data room, without any instruction. It is the only contract review technology to discover and rank unusual documents and clauses, finding missing or inconsistent information right away. The most anomalous documents can be uncovered from day one of the project, enabling lawyers to offer better advice to their clients, from the beginning.

Faster, more accurate review

Luminance’s next-generation platform has been proven to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of contract and document review by up to two-thirds. The system not only reads but understands thousands of contracts, tagging clauses, documents and other key information so that lawyers can focus on higher-value tasks. And thanks to advanced machine learning, the more you use Luminance, the better it becomes.

Make teams more productive

Luminance prioritises review and enables managers to easily assign tasks and track the progress of the entire team. Real-time overviews and automatically generated reports allow for a tighter feedback loop between lawyers and their clients. Legal teams can focus on what they are trained to do, spending less time on administrative tasks.

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