Luminance Discovery in action

Luminance Discovery

Luminance’s Discovery platform applies a unique blend of machine learning algorithms to the process of investigations and litigation. By combining robust, AI-driven document analysis with powerful data culling and filter widgets, Luminance quickly highlights anomalous results and areas of interest, enabling lawyers to rapidly zero in on relevant information. Because Luminance actually forms an understanding of documents, it assists lawyers to work in the most targeted way, for instance instantly surfacing conceptually similar items and highlighting important yet under-investigated areas of the dataset areas. Luminance simultaneously expedites investigations whilst ensuring no critical information has been missed.

Able to be deployed and used within hours, Luminance is trusted by over 300 customers globally to provide the quickest, most comprehensive document reviews available

The value of Luminance for litigators

Robust investigations

Quickly get to grips with what is contained within your dataset prior to potential or impending legal action. Powerful machine learning understands documents at a conceptual level, quickly flagging anomalous areas to lawyers

Rapid assessment for modified discovery requests

By quickly understanding what is contained in a dataset, lawyers are best-placed to expand and direct discovery requests early on in the investigation

Undertake a range of investigations with just one product

From ensuring compliance with data protection regulations to ingesting TBs of documents for large-scale litigation cases, lawyers can use the same tool across all investigations

Key Benefits

  • Quickly begin investigation

    On average, lawyers are able to begin their first case in less than 30 minutes.

  • Rapidly identify key documents

    Work up to 10x faster compared to other vendors

    - Norburg & Scherp

  • Rapidly focus on relevant documents

    Culled 90% of irrelevant documents within minutes using Luminance’s culling and filtering technology

    - Burness Paull

Case Study: Arbitration

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Pre-set clause models for rapid document analysis:

Use Luminance’s AI-built
models or build your own
Automatic pre-set
clause models
Begin your review
within the hour

Clause models are designed for due diligence, lease review, compliance, employment review, underwriting and more