Product Overview

Luminance applies supervised and unsupervised machine learning to the process of document
review. Deployed via the cloud, Luminance works out-of-the-box, reading and forming an
understanding of documents. Luminance presents its AI-powered analysis back to lawyers across a
series of interactive widgets, highlighting key datapoints and anomalies.

Luminance Diligence Icon

Luminance Diligence is a technology for corporate lawyers which assists with a range of over 25 types of contractual reviews, including M&A due diligence, real estate, regulatory compliance and redaction. By adopting a powerful machine learning approach, using Luminance Diligence, lawyers are able to perform fast and rigorous contract reviews, with more insight than ever before.
Luminance Discovery Icon

Luminance Discovery is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform, using AI to transform the way lawyers go about investigations, litigation and arbitration. From intelligent ingestion and data culling tools to AI-powered ECA and smart, court-compliant production functionality, Luminance Discovery helps
lawyers to gain insightful, expedited document reviews.