AI-Powered Legal Process Automation

Luminance uses AI to read and form an understanding of legal documents and automate legal processes. Deployed via the cloud, Luminance works out-of-the-box to analyse documents, labelling a range of key information and highlighting areas of importance. From gaining an instant understanding of how incoming contracts meet compliance thresholds, to rapid AI-driven ECA capabilities, Luminance helps business and law firms understand their documents quickly, facilitating informed decision-making and delivering a clear competitive advantage in negotiations.

Complete Legal Document Processing

Luminance Corporate Icon

Luminance Corporate uses next-generation AI to enhance and expedite the contract lifecycle process, from contract drafting to negotiation and mark-up, to understanding the key features of executed contracts.

"Luminance enables lawyers to quickly and easily see what areas of a contract need to be negotiated."
Rosemary Martin, General Counsel

Luminance Diligence Icon

Luminance Diligence uses next-generation AI to enhance and expedite the full spectrum of document review projects, from M&A due diligence, lease reviews and data protection compliance to contract consolidation and repapering exercises.

"Luminance is helping us to dramatically cut the time spent on document review."
Jordan Galvin, Former Global Legal Innovation Supervisor

Luminance Discovery Icon

Luminance Discovery is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform using next-generation AI to enhance and expedite a range of processes relating to investigations, personal information requests, arbitrations, and litigation matters, with AI-powered ECA and TAR.

"We decided to make Luminance the standard document review platform for all our projects going forward."