The four tiers of legal AI

Rather than just relying on rules, keywords or rote learning, Luminance harnesses new-generation technology that goes above and beyond alternative providers and traditional solutions.
Loads documents digitally and enables tech search
Recognises standard clauses through rote learning
Locates patterns from specific templates in isolated scenarios

Locates clause-level differences by clustering against a determined or pre-defined model

Why Luminance?

Our technology redefines how lawyers approach document review through six core features:
Anomaly Detection

Instantly find both structural and linguistic anomalies between any clause or document type. Identifying outliers like missing pages, additional clauses or abnormal wording means lawyers can focus their review from the outset.

Data Visualisation

A comprehensive, global overview of your data is essential, and Luminance’s unique data visualisation dashboard clearly displays all necessary information, allowing lawyers to allocate resources accordingly.

Language Agnostic

Luminance is truly language-agnostic technology. The platform reads, understands and learns as it is used in any language or jurisdiction, and does not need months of manual training to do so.

Plug and Play

After around 30 minutes of orientation, lawyers are ready to begin their review. No configuration, set-up or training is necessary with our intuitive and flexible interface.

Document and Clause Clustering

Powerful algorithms cluster both documents and clauses, using linguistic standards and deviations to analyse documents at their most fundamental level.

Streamlined Collaboration

Catalyse collaboration with legal teams across specialities, offices and jurisdictions. Annotations, tags, notes and reporting maintain a tight feedback loop between the partner, team and client.

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