Luminance: World-Leading AI for Legal Process Automation

Developed by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance’s core intelligence is the Legal Inference Transformation Engine (LITE), the world’s most advanced AI for legal process automation. Luminance’s AI combines several state-of-the-art techniques within the field of machine learning, including inference, deep learning, natural language processing and pattern recognition. Importantly, Luminance is unique in combining both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, giving lawyers the most robust, powerful platform for legal document analysis and process automation.

Luminance"s LITE highlights anomalies and identifies underlying patterns.

Unsupervised machine learning

Unsupervised machine learning does not require any a priori knowledge of labels or tags in order to solve a problem. Instead, the machine is exposed to vast datasets and by analysing these in their entirety, the underlying patterns of the data are revealed. The system quickly builds up a pattern of what is normal – and thus what is abnormal.

Only unsupervised machine learning, which does not rely on understanding documents in relation to given labels, surfaces the ‘unknown unknowns’ – issues that the reviewers did not know existed and thus never searched for them or labelled them, but that nonetheless present as a significant anomaly. This is critical in due diligence as all risk is surfaced immediately within the review and negotiating positions can be strengthened from the outset. Similarly in eDiscovery, unsupervised machine learning can help litigators quickly find the smoking gun amongst mountains of irrelevant material.

Supervised machine learning

Within supervised machine learning, the system is exposed to examples of data that are described and defined. The system forms an understanding of what makes up each classification, and can apply these to new datasets that it sees.

In fact, Luminance’s technology takes supervised machine learning a step further, as it continues to learn from the ways that lawyers interact with the platform, too. By observing the actions of legal professionals, Luminance can form an understanding of what lawyers are looking for in their documents, meaning that Luminance actually becomes more intelligent and bespoke for each lawyer the more that they use the platform.

Luminance"s LITE learns to understand legal documents and concepts.
Luminance"s LITE avoids limitations of other approaches


AI-generated language models are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to understand the written word. Establishing an understanding of a diverse range of parameters is of critical importance when building language models, since the scale and variation of datasets that the technology is exposed to will ultimately define the quality of output. Indeed, building neural networks at scale requires vast data flows: Luminance has now seen and analysed over 100 million documents in over 80 languages across hugely diverse fields of law, from Non-Disclosure Agreements and property leases, to emails and Whatsapp messages. This makes Luminance the most advanced language model accessible to lawyers today, ensuring lawyers can be confident that potential risks, anomalies or contentious issues are surfaced when using Luminance’s AI to draft and review documents.

Adaptable to Changing Regulation

Legacy systems are inherently inflexible in the face of regulatory change, often requiring expensive and time-consuming manual updates and the re-writing of banks of rules. With Luminance, machine learning will automatically surface documentation that is no longer consistent with regulation, enabling lawyers to ensure complete compliance with new requirements and avoid costly maintenance following changes in law.

Instant deployment and value

Luminance is deployed via the cloud, allowing lawyers instant access whether they are in the office, at client sites or working remotely. With no time wasted on pre-training, rule creation or machine configuration, Luminance users are typically preparing to start their first review after just 30 minutes. Luminance will automatically surface results to lawyers after document upload, providing real value from day one.

Exceptional Scalability

Luminance is in use by a quarter of the Global 100 Law Firms, all of the Big Four professional services firms, and has been used on some of the world’s largest legal cases involving tens of millions of documents. No matter the size of organisation or matter, Luminance can scale to fit the requirements.

Unparalleled Document Insight

From a missing page or clause to a minor difference in wording, Luminance provides legal teams with a comprehensive understanding of a project, automatically displaying key information about the documents immediately after ingestion. With the breakdown of documents across a range of parameters and anomaly detection as standard, Luminance gives lawyers confidence that risks have been identified and helps put them in the best possible position for negotiations.

Vast Time-Savings

With AI-powered document review that enables lawyers to work up to 90% faster than manual review alone, firms can meet tight deadlines, reduce costs and rapidly get to the heart of the matter. Luminance saves lawyers from having to wade through documents looking for key information, instead allowing them to focus their time on the skills they have honed through years of training and experience: insight and analysis.

World-class Security

With data security of critical importance to any organisation, Luminance’s robust security protocols ensure no documentation risks being exposed. Luminance has the highest levels of security built in, is ISO 27001 certified, and the company is overseen by a world-leading Security Advisory Board comprising experts from cybersecurity technology to nation state-level security.