A Day in the life of Ellen Jenkin, Diligence Account Executive

16 April 2021 | Ellen Jenkin, Account Executive

I joined Luminance last year as an Account Executive for the ‘Diligence’ platform, a tool that assists corporate lawyers in the contract and document review process. Whilst I didn’t have any prior in-depth experience working in technology, after completing a conjoint Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce and subsequently being admitted to the bar as a Barrister and Solicitor in New Zealand, I knew that I didn’t want to go down the traditional route of becoming a lawyer. The idea of working in Legal Tech seemed a lot more exciting to me – particularly the idea of working for a company like Luminance, a world-leader in this space. Here is what a typical working day looks like for me:


I am an early bird so my day typically begins around 6am. I like to get outside, go for a walk or run –luckily I live by Greenwich Park in London which is absolutely beautiful and really helps me to clear my head before I start a busy day!


My working day typically begins at around 9am which is when I log on and start checking my emails. One of the best things about Luminance is that you are working with firms from all over the world so when I start in the morning, I catch up on a lot of emails from customers based in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere that come in overnight.


Half an hour later and we have a team call. I started at Luminance during the pandemic so although I haven’t had the chance to meet some of my colleagues in real life, I have gotten to know the team “virtually” and it is nice to touch base with everyone in the morning. One of my favourite things about working at Luminance is being surrounded by such intelligent, ambitious people and I think this really makes a difference to my working day.


I have an exciting call with a ‘Global Top 100’ law firm who want to find out more about the technology. I give two of the Partners at the firm a demonstration of the ‘Diligence’ platform who seem suitably very impressed. We book in a time for them to start trialling the technology as part of the ‘two week’ free trial we offer all prospective customers. I love having this kind of interaction with such high-profile law firms and organisations.


I am running a customer ‘webinar’ for over fifty lawyers at a leading Baltic firm who want to know more about Luminance’s latest product update. In the eight months I have been at the company, Luminance has had some really exciting new product developments and I love talking about these with customers. The firm give me some great feedback which I pass on to the tech team.


A really great thing about the job is the duality of being both a sales rep – looking out for new customers – and an account manager – supporting existing customers. This means that each day is different. At the moment, I am trying to get a deal over the line with a law firm based in Germany. The contract is just going through some final checks on their side.


Time for a bite to eat and because I am already at home, I just have to walk a few steps and I’m in my kitchen!


I have a meeting with a boutique law firm who are about to start their next big project – a large M&A deal. What is really interesting for me is seeing the variety of firms that are now adopting the technology – we have customers with only three people and huge, Global Top 100 law firms with tens of thousands of lawyers which keeps our exchanges varied and fresh.


I do some research into a few different companies to see if Luminance’s technology solutions could be applicable. Whilst a lot of our customers are law firms, we also have a growing number of in-house teams from multi-national corporations using the technology. I put together some introductory emails.


I get a notification that the law firm based in Germany have signed their contract – a great win to close out the day!


I clock off around 6 and head to the shops to buy some celebratory wine!