Introducing... Luminance's New and Improved Customer Portal

20 August 2021 | Luke Taylor, Subject Matter Expert at Luminance

Luminance’s updated User Portal is now live! Our tech and graphic design teams have been working hard to improve the look and usability of the Customer Portal, which helps our 300 customers to get the most out of the Luminance platform.

What can I expect from the update?

The Customer Portal has been renovated to enhance its usability, allowing our customers to easily access all the information they could need to easily navigate the Luminance interface and maximise their use of the technology. At Luminance, we pride ourselves on the fact that minimal training is required for any user to get up and running on our platform. For example, on their first ever instance of using our technology, Global Top 100 law firm Bird & Bird were able to expedite the review of their document set of over a million pages within just a few hours of uploading the data. Using Luminance, they were able to review 3,600 documents per hour as opposed to just 79 using manual methods.

Nonetheless, we are constantly striving to improve our customers’ user experience so, in addition to our existing support structure of 24/7 customer support and dedicated Account Managers, updating the User Portal and giving our customers easy access to guides and tools that facilitate a better understanding of our platform has been a key focus.

Key features

Within the new User Portal, accessed via the Luminance app, customers are immediately presented with quick-start guides, video project guides, use cases, how-to tutorial videos and detailed user guides. As well as explaining how to get started in using the platform as a whole and outlining each of its individual features, these resources are intended to assist our customers, providing the opportunity to explore the further potential that Luminance might hold across a broader variety of reviews. For example, a customer that typically uses Luminance to assist in M&A due diligence exercises might find that they need to conduct an urgent LIBOR-related review on a large volume of documents. Using the Portal, lawyers can find a range of written and video guides to gain an understanding of how to use Luminance to undertake a large range of reviews.

Any further queries can now be addressed through our updated search bar or helpdesk, which allows clients to create tickets and therefore interact directly with our tech team.

Helping lawyers get to the crux of the matter

In short, we want to offer the best possible service to our customers. We are therefore constantly improving and updating our technology and want to make sure that this is reflected in our customers’ experience using Luminance. Our renovated Customer Portal will help our new customers in onboarding with Luminance’s AI technology, and allow our existing customers to make the most of the variety of features that Luminance has to offer.