Learn About The Latest Developments to Luminance's AI Document Review

26 January 2022 | Luminance

Luminance is delighted to announce a range of powerful new product updates to both Diligence and Discovery, designed to further enhance the user experience and assist our rapidly expanding customer base of over 400 organisations with the most pressing needs of any document review.

Upgraded UI Tools and Functionality

Updates include:

Enhanced Action Toolbar: Customers can now take advantage of the Action Toolbar’s increased functionality, including new buttons which allow the user to bulk redact, code and delete documents to streamline their review. The new bulk redact feature helps organisations manage the risks associated with data protection legislation such as GDPR and CCPA. Luminance’s ability to identify PII (Personally Identifiable Information) out-of-the-box is an essential feature to ensure compliance, but this is now easier than ever with a simple click of ‘bulk redact’. This functionality has helped customers such as Portuguese law firm, Vieira de Almeida, to mask confidential information across 8,000 documents.

Support for Microsoft Excel: We are pleased to introduce enhanced support for Excel. Customers can now view Excel spreadsheets directly in Luminance as a single page with the ability to navigate between different sheets within a document. By aligning the view in Luminance with that of the original document, users can more easily interpret and review their information thanks to Luminance’s ability to instantly search, annotate, review and redact information across every page.

Customisable Widgets: With Luminance’s new customisable widgets, users now have more control over how information is presented back to them. For instance, a user conducting a real estate lease review might be specifically interested in what clauses are present within the document set. In one click, they can now position the widget displaying this information in the centre of their User Interface whilst removing others that might not hold as much relevance.

Product Updates to Diligence and Discovery

In addition to the enhanced User Interface, an array of exciting new features have been introduced to Luminance’s Diligence and Discovery platforms.

Tagging Wheel: This feature uses Luminance’s unique ability to conceptually understand information, meaning that when a user highlights text within a document, they will be provided with an intuitive suggestion of the two most likely ‘Tag Types’ according to context. Not only does this allow the reviewer to label relevant information faster, but it also means that Luminance can learn more quickly from the interaction between user and document. This functionality was used by in-house legal team at Colombian flagship airline, Avianca, who highlighted an important ‘Proveedor’ (provider) party clause in Spanish. With this simple point-and-click training, Luminance learned an entirely new concept and instantly flagged all other examples of this across 1000 other documents.

Support for Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF), WhatsApp and Skype Conversation files: Legal professionals can seamlessly transfer all their data stored in such formats over to Luminance for investigation. Users can then scroll through the entire conversation thread (complete with every party, hyperlink and attachment) whilst making notes and redactions. This enhanced support for different media formats puts an end to manually piecing together conversations, accelerating time-sensitive investigations such as Data Subject Access Requests.

This is Just the Start…

With even more new features readily at hand to Luminance customers, including progress bars for certain actions, improved folder navigation and enhanced support for Right-to-Left text like Arabic and Hebrew, we are proud to continue leading the way when it comes to optimising the workflows of lawyers and organisations with AI.