A Day in the Life: Rory McDaid, Senior Account Executive

2 March 2022 | Rory McDaid

I joined Luminance as an Account Executive in early 2021 after completing my Graduate Diploma in Law. After graduating I quickly realised that the traditional career route of becoming a lawyer simply didn’t match my interests and skillset. The idea of working for a cutting-edge AI company seemed far more exciting to me – especially for a market-leader like Luminance!

Fast forward a year and I’m now a Senior Account Executive, working with some of the world’s largest law firms and businesses to automate their legal processes with Luminance’s next-generation AI. In my role, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and work alongside some incredible customers and colleagues. Here’s what a typical working day looks like for me:


I like to get to Luminance’s office in central London nice and early, so I can map out my daily to-do list. First of all, I plan who I’m going to contact throughout the day, as I’m constantly on the lookout for new customers and need to make sure I keep up with my active prospects. One of the best things about Luminance’s technology is that it can adapt to any organisation and any matter, so I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify contacts across all different verticals, from law and corporate finance to retail and real estate.

9:30 am

The office is full by now, so it’s time for our daily team meeting. Each member of the team runs through their main priorities for the day and gives an update on how their ongoing Proof of Values (POVs) are going – these are the free-of-charge trials of Luminance’s technology that we offer to all prospective customers. The team at Luminance is very young and dynamic, so there’s naturally a good element of healthy competition going on – which certainly brings out the best in everyone! I personally find it very motivating to hear about my team’s successes, and this constantly drives me to source new business and close deals.


I have an exciting call with one of the world’s largest brewing companies. They’re looking at our brand-new AI-powered platform, Luminance Corporate, to replace their existing contract management software and we’re now at the planning stages for a POV to start in Q2. Booking in a POV requires a good deal of creative thinking on our side, as our prospective customers often face their own distinct challenges and pain points that they want to address with our technology. Responsiveness lies at the heart of Luminance, so we’re always on-hand to accommodate the specific needs of each customer. This could involve offering an extended POV, providing additional data usage, or giving product demonstrations to other heads of department. I approach each customer on a case-by-case basis and love that I’m constantly having to think on my feet.

Of course, I love seeing firms’ eyes light up when they hear the word ‘free’ – we let all prospects trial Luminance on their own documents completely free of charge – so I can’t wait to see this customer’s reaction when Corporate’s AI starts helping them to actually negotiate their contracts!


There’s a spare thirty minutes before my next call, so I’m on the phone to new leads. The research I did earlier into different companies means I’m fully prepared to explain how Luminance’s AI can meet their complex legal and business needs, and this helps me to get some first meetings pencilled into my calendar. This role is a numbers game at heart, so I always make sure to have a good pipeline of first meetings and product demonstrations, as this inevitably equals more commission!


I have a call with a prospective customer who is about to start a POV, so I’m dialling in alongside a colleague from the Product Specialist team. Together, we create an important support function for customers, providing both strategic counsel and technical advice. We were previously in a ‘bake-off’ alongside other technology providers, but the prospect highlights the fact that Luminance was the only company to offer them hands-on experience with the platform via a POV.

Furthermore, since Luminance is the only language agnostic tool on the market, the prospect will be able to conduct AI-powered contract analysis in any language on day one – invaluable for their organisation which operates across global jurisdictions. I’m on a real high after such amazing feedback and getting yet another POV booked in!


Today I’m attending one of Luminance’s lunch seminars at a top-tier restaurant in London. We host seminars at premium venues all around the globe with exciting guest speakers and key industry figures to hear from our CEO and Account Executives about how Luminance is automating legal processes. These events are a brilliant chance to speak with legal professionals across all different practice areas in a relaxed setting, getting their insight into industry trends and the various pain points they face in their day-to-day. I make sure to follow-up with each attendee, either inviting them for a demo of Luminance or to start a POV.


I arrive back to the office in time for our afternoon team meeting. Our team leader and Commercial Director, Clarisse Drai, sets us each new targets and advises on any issues that have arisen throughout the day. Clarisse has been at the company for four years and started her career in the exact same position as us, so she’s an inspiring, daily reminder of where consistent hard work can lead you to at Luminance.


We get a company-wide notification that a big deal has closed! As competitive as the team is, we are also incredibly supportive of each other and never fail to celebrate each other’s wins. Keeping to tradition, the whole team heads out to our favourite local pub for a celebratory drink!