A Day in the Life: Dunja Relic, Product Specialist - Team Lead

30 November 2022 | Dunja Relic

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of Liverpool in July 2021, I joined Luminance shortly after as a fresh graduate! During my time at university, I was always interested in the courses that explored AI and its impact on the legal profession, so when I learned about Luminance it seemed like a perfect fit.

I initially joined the company as a Legal Analyst where I was working closely with Luminance’s product to provide feedback on the latest developments and functionalities. I loved getting to grips with the technology, but I’m also a real people person, so after a conversation with Ella Hislop, Head of Product Specialists, I jumped at the opportunity to join her team. As a Product Specialist, I now work at the intersection between our product and our clients, working with organisations around the world to trial and implement Luminance’s technology to help solve a variety of business issues they’re facing.

This is what a typical day in my life looks like:


After grabbing a cup of tea and checking my emails to see if anything important has come in overnight, I start my day with a team meeting. I was recently promoted to a team leader within the Product Specialists team, so I always like to spend 30 minutes at the start of each day catching up with my team and hearing how their POV’s (Proof of Values) are progressing. A POV is a three-week trial that we offer to all prospective customers, and a big part of my role is helping to run these trial periods to ensure businesses realise the value of our AI. These morning meetings provide a great way to answer any questions my team might have and support them with uncommon client requests or queries.


My first meeting of the day is with a leading global fashion house. I’ve been debriefed by their sales representative on their specific pain points and use case so I know exactly what to expect and which parts of Luminance’s platform I really need to highlight. For this particular client, their General Counsel is struggling with the sheer volume of contracts in need of review and is being bogged down with reviewing standardised contracts like NDAs and Employment Agreements. I therefore make sure to focus this session on Luminance’s AI-powered contract drafting functionality, which allows teams across their business – including Sales, Procurement and HR – to generate internally compliant contracts within a matter of clicks, meaning GCs and their legal teams can focus on high-value work that really drives business growth.


My next meeting is a mid-POV catch up with a client in the airline industry who is half-way through their trial period. I find these kinds of catchups most exciting as this is an opportunity to get first-hand insight into how they are finding the product. Hearing how our technology functions compared to other vendors they are trialling is always encouraging, and I make sure to pass on their feedback to senior management and our tech team.


After a jam-packed morning, it’s finally lunch time! We’ve had some new recruits into the Product Specialists team this week, so we all pop out for a quick lunch to welcome our new team members and catch up.


After lunch, Ella Hislop gathers the Product Specialists for training on all of the exciting product updates on the Luminance roadmap so that we best understand how we can communicate these changes to our clients! Our incredible R&D team in Cambridge are constantly updating Luminance’s core technology and functionality, so this is a great opportunity to get a first-look at these cutting-edge developments. It’s also a perfect opportunity to provide feedback and have a direct say in the development of the product.


After a successful recent trip to Dubai to meet some existing and prospective clients in the Middle East, I have a second trip planned soon so I set aside some time this afternoon to plan my week and schedule various meetings and training sessions. Flying out to meet clients in-person is one of my favourite aspects of the job – each organisation has a different use case and different pain points, so tailoring each meeting is crucial. That said, there are always plenty of unexpected requests and queries that crop up during these sessions, so thinking on your feet and having a real understanding of how Luminance’s tech works is equally important.


One of the sales reps is celebrating their birthday, so a few of us head to the pub next door for a quick drink before heading home for the evening!