The New Frontier of Document Review: A Closer Look at Luminance Discovery"

10 February 2023 | Luminance

The evolution of e-Discovery is indicative of a sector wide movement towards more complex, deeper understandings of data. Some platforms are using AI to pick up on emotions or feelings within their dataset, providing a new perspective on the contextual landscape of data sets.

It’s clear that legal teams and their clients have higher expectations for the kinds of results legal technology can deliver. Methods of eDiscovery have come a long way from the days of junior lawyers manually reviewing rooms of documents trying to search for that golden nugget of information. Legal teams are now seeking out new opportunities for innovation with many turning to AI as a critical piece of their technological transformation.

Luminance Discovery has the pioneering ability to form a conceptual understanding of information. When Luminance analyses data, rather than just search for key words, it can actually understand what those words mean. In fact, with Luminance’s ‘Deep Coding’ functionality – a powerful application of machine learning, the system actively learns from the lawyer’s expertise. Once a document of interest has been identified, the user can press ‘Find Similar’ to find any conceptually similar documents likely to be relevant to their investigation. This technique is ground-breaking and near impossible to undertake manually.

This method analyses patterns within a dataset, identifying any statistical outliers. This allows Luminance to flag to lawyers the ‘unknown unknowns’ - hidden risks they didn’t know existed and thus didn’t actively search for, such as a missing page in a contract or a clause deviation. This powerful AI capability can be deployed and used within hours, requiring no pre-programming or lengthy user onboarding. Leading law firm, Burness Paul, were able to reduce the dataset of over 6,000 documents by 80% in just a few minutes, while Norburg and Scherp estimated they were able to work ten times faster using Luminance Discovery compared to other tools.

As the legal sector evolves, so must the technology used by legal professionals. Luminance Discovery remains on the cutting edge of AI technology, providing deeper understandings of high volumes of data while arming teams the information they need.