Product Feature Spotlight: Ask Lumi

13 June 2023 | Ella Hislop

Last month, we announced a raft of pioneering new applications of Luminance’s Large Language Model (LLM), including the ‘Ask Lumi’ chatbot. This latest cutting-edge development, the first-of-kind to have been trained on millions of verified legal documents, is set to completely transform the way that legal and non-legal professionals alike understand and interact with their contracts.

In today’s blog, I’m diving into the ways that Ask Lumi can and will be a game-changer for businesses looking to gain unparalleled insight into their documents and receive rapid answers to essential questions!

What is Ask Lumi: The First ‘Legal-Grade’ Chatbot?

Ask Lumi is the world’s first chatbot underpinned by ‘legal-grade’ AI. Users can ask Luminance’s AI questions about their contract and receive instant responses, all from within Microsoft Word. Users can even Ask Lumi to redraft clauses with alternative, acceptable wording. So, let’s dive a little deeper into just some of the ways that business leaders can utilise Ask Lumi…

Instantly identify key information in a contract, such as the parties, governing law, termination date or any liabilities.

Rapidly redraft clause wording to bring the contract in line with company standards.

Answer urgent business questions with clarity and speed with specialist AI seamlessly integrated into contract workflows.

Not only does Ask Lumi expedite the process of understanding and negotiating contracts, but it also drives business-wide efficiencies. And it doesn’t just help lawyers! With Ask Lumi at their fingertips, non-legal teams can ask questions about their contracts and receive immediate answers, saving the legal department from answering routine, repetitive queries. In turn, this is freeing up legal departments to focus on the creative and strategic work that truly demands their expertise.

LPT vs GPT – What Makes Ask Lumi Different?

Whenever businesses ask me this question, here’s how I like to explain it…picture this: you’re at a dinner party and find yourself sat next to a very well-friend friend who’s able to spout information about pretty much any topic. They sound impressive, but on your way home, you realise that some of what they were saying was complete nonsense! That’s the danger with some of the generative AIs we are reading a lot about at the moment – these types of technologies are generalists that have been trained on trillions of documents from across the internet. The system might have a good grasp of a lot of information but it doesn’t have a specialist understanding of any one topic.

In contrast, Luminance is a specialist in the law. Ask Lumi is underpinned by a legal Large Language Model powered by Luminance’s own Legal Pre-Trained Transformer (LPT) technology. This ‘legal-grade’ AI has been trained extensively across verified legal documents. What’s more, Luminance has been deployed by several of the top law firms around the world, meaning that our AI has been trained, used and validated at the very highest level.

If you would like to see Ask Lumi in action for yourself, request a demo here.