A Day in the Life: Kowther Elmi, Customer Support Associate

20 June 2023 | Kowther Elmi

I joined Luminance in August 2022 as a Customer Support Associate after completing my master’s degree in chemical engineering at UCL. In my role, I work to resolve any technical queries which come in from our clients, as well as coordinating different internal teams to bridge the gap between the tech and client facing sides of the company.

Here at Luminance, we have three products: Diligence, for contract review, Discovery, for litigation matters, and our latest product, Corporate, an end-to-end legal process automation tool. Although most of my colleagues in the Support Team cover multiple products, I am solely focused on Corporate which is particularly exciting because it means I get to work on some of the latest developments of Luminance’s AI, as well as working with in-house legal teams at some of the world’s largest organisations. Here is what a typical day looks like for me.


Although I’m usually based in our central London office, the team has the option to spend a day in the Cambridge office every other week, which is where I am today. In the alternate week, the Ops team will come down to London, which is a great way for the teams to mix, especially as we work closely on client projects together!


Our morning team meeting is led by Poppy, Director of Client Services. We set an agenda for the day and discuss our priorities. Customers will raise Support Tickets via their Luminance portal, so we look through any tickets that have come in overnight and decide which to start with. I like this aspect of my work because it requires an in-depth understanding of the product to be able to prioritise tickets effectively according to urgency. Today, I’m looking at Luminance’s AI analysis on an incoming NDA, so I open S-Code and reimport the document.

After the meeting I’ll set my own priority list, looking through any messages which have come in from customers via our Helpdesk. I work closely with one of our biggest customers, Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the US. They are currently getting started with some of our very latest tech developments for the first time, so as their Support Associate I get to work on cutting-edge projects! Today I’m focused on ‘Ask Lumi’, our brand-new AI-powered chatbot which enables lawyers to ask questions about their contract from within Microsoft Word.


High on my priority list today is a custom template request that has come through from one of our European clients. They have 16 different contract templates which they would like us to code into their Luminance platform. This will enable their non-legal teams across the business – Finance, Sales, HR for example – to generate their own compliant contracts, kickstarting the negotiation process and reducing the time to signature.

Preparing custom templates is one of my favourite tasks because you can get creative with it and use your imagination for the formatting. Sometimes they are simple, such as inputting a field for a date, but my project today is more complex because the client has asked for in-built conditionality. This particular client has lots of subsidiaries so I am giving the user the option to select from multiple entities, as well as the ability to generate a contract in English, German or French. My colleague Hafsa helped me with this as it was a big task!


Time for lunch. I brought food in from home but it’s a sunny day so we all head out to the park to eat!


Our colleagues over in the US are now logging on, so I join a biweekly catch up call with Koch. Working on an account of this size has been really rewarding because I know projects we’re collaborating on have the ability to make the working lives of thousands of employees more streamlined! I lead the call as we talk through the testing they have been doing on Luminance’s newest feature, Self-Serve, which will allow non-legal teams to run a contract through Luminance to find out if it needs to be escalated to Legal. The Support role at Luminance is very flexible, but I love that I have made mine more customer-facing as it means that I get to work with people all over the world.


Our end of day handover meeting. This is where we raise items and rank priorities for our US and Singapore support teams to take care of whilst we are out of hours in the UK.


To end my day, I work on evaluating a request from a Product Specialist on behalf of a client. We get a lot of non-standard integration requests from our customers, as Luminance has an Open API. Today, I am coordinating between the Development and Sales teams to discuss whether it is technically and commercially viable to integrate our Word plugin with an alternative office suite. I really enjoy this part of my role: Support is at an intersection within the company, so I get to work with lots of different teams. I have learnt a lot in particular from the Dev team since I joined.


As I’m in Cambridge today, I head over to the kitchen after work for a LumiKnit session. This is where a group of us knit or crochet, and generally have a chat and a catch up to unwind from the day. I’ve recently even finished a scarf!

If you’re interested in finding out more about working at Luminance, visit our careers page.