A Day in the Life: Trenten Sayles, US Account Executive

8 August 2023 | Trenten Sayles

I joined Luminance early last year as an Account Executive after completing my undergraduate degree at New York University (NYU), where I double-majored in politics and sociology. Having been on the pre-law track, I knew I wanted to take on a role that involved the legal field but would throw me into a fast-paced environment where no two days were the same. I’m also a huge people person, so I knew a role full of networking and meeting new people would suit me. When I learned about the opportunity to work for a market-leading AI company alongside some of the world’s largest law firms and businesses, I knew it was the perfect fit!

One year later and I’m helping organizations all over the US to optimize their legal processes with AI. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me:


I like to get to Luminance’s office in New York City early enough to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast we get as part of our co-working space. We operate on a hybrid model, so I currently work in-person three days a week. Personally, I love working in our office at the Rockefeller Center as it's a great chance to spend time with the team.


Since joining Luminance, I have developed a few helpful habits to keep me organized and accountable. Before I get started on prospecting and customer calls, I make a to-do list with all my key tasks and action points for the day. I typically list my tasks according to priority, so I can focus on what will help me achieve my key objectives for the day. For instance, I have an important customer call scheduled for later, so I want to make sure I'm fully prepared. I also check my emails and respond to any queries from customers that have come in overnight.


Prospecting time! I set aside the rest of my morning to identify potential new customers, reaching out via email and phone calls to introduce them to Luminance and the benefits AI could bring to their company. Building new partnerships is always exciting, and I enjoy researching different organizations, engaging with top business leaders, and working out how AI can address their unique challenges. I like to target outreach by region, focusing on specific states. The plus is that I even get to travel to places where I’m generating lots of interest in Luminance, either doing on-site product demonstrations or hosting dinner seminars!


It’s midday and I have our weekly team Sales call. This is where we report back on the progress of any Proof of Values (POVs) we’re running this month and the number of first meetings we have booked in with potential customers. We are a young, tight-knit team, but love a bit of healthy competition, so these meetings really help motivate us to hit our targets.


Time to refuel. Today the team settles for Chipotle, as I have a gift card from last year’s company Secret Santa that I’ve been waiting all this time to use!


Once I’m back in the office, I get right to work. I am currently running a POV – a free-of-charge, two-week trial of our AI – with a US-based manufacturer. Today, I’m spearheading a training session that they’ve requested on Luminance’s contract negotiation functionality. Getting to collaborate with Product Specialists, who assist in the running of POVs, is one of the highlights of my day. At the end of the training session, we agree to run an optional drop-in session later in the week for people to dial into in case they have any further questions.


Now it’s time for a catch-up call with one of my existing customers. Regularly checking in with my accounts is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and it’s a great opportunity to show off our latest product updates. This specific customer is interested in seeing Ask Lumi – our new AI-powered chatbot, which can answer any question a lawyer might have about their contract. We get them up-and-running and it’s super satisfying to see how blown away they are by the AI!


Later in the afternoon I have an internal prep meeting with our US General Manager, Clementine, our Chief of Staff, Jaeger, and our COO, Dan. They’re both part of the executive team based in our London headquarters, but despite the time difference are always super accessible. We have a big company interested in signing, so we discuss how to approach commercial negotiations. But it doesn’t stop there! We also discuss strategy. This customer is a multinational corporation, with lots of different business functions planning to use Luminance, including Legal, Sales and Procurement, so we need to get ahead of the game by structuring a detailed onboarding plan.


As the day winds down, I take care of some key administrative tasks, such as updating client records in our CRM system and preparing reports for my manager. I make sure I’ve added all my new leads gained through prospecting this morning and uploaded today’s meeting notes. This ensures our team's efforts are well-documented and help with planning next steps.


With a newly signed deal locked and loaded, everyone is feeling super high energy! Keeping to tradition, the team and I head to Avra, our favorite Greek joint, for a celebratory dinner.