Feature Spotlight: Lumi Redraft and Lumi Generate

27 September 2023 | Ella Hislop

Earlier this year, I was delighted to announce the launch of Ask Lumi – a first-of-its-kind, ‘legal-grade’ AI chatbot. But the work didn’t stop there! I’m now incredibly excited to introduce the latest updates to our chatbot: Lumi Redraft and Lumi Generate.

With these brand-new AI-powered features, Luminance acts as a co-pilot for a lawyer’s work, helping to expedite the contracting process, automate legal query handling, and reduce turnaround times. Let’s jump right into it!

Lumi Redraft

Lumi Redraft allows lawyers to redraft clauses on-the-fly, enabling them to quickly amend problematic provisions with compliant wording. So, what does this look like in practice?

Picture this: a busy in-house lawyer receives a standard NDA which requires a quick turnaround. The lawyer has a lot of competing priorities, so they turn to Luminance to complete the review quickly and efficiently. Luminance’s AI-powered Traffic Light Analysis has already taken a first pass review of the NDA, flagging areas of potential risk. Now, the lawyer knows exactly which clauses need attention.

With Lumi Redraft, the lawyer can simply ask Luminance to re-draft the problematic clauses to ensure they are compliant. For example, for this NDA, they might ask ‘Add a commencement date of 1st September 2023’ or ‘Make this agreement effective for a term of five years’. Lumi Redraft will generate new wording for the lawyer, translating natural language into contractual terms in just a couple of seconds. This enables users to quickly amend unacceptable provisions and turn a contract, like an NDA, around quickly, even where they don’t have a precedent to reference.

Lumi Generate

Lumi Generate finds the perfect middle ground between counterparty paper and the user’s preferred position. Using Luminance’s knowledge of a business’s contracts, the AI works clause-by-clause to help both parties reach an acceptable position, minimising the number of amendments made to the contract.

Let’s imagine I’m reviewing that same NDA and Luminance flags an indemnity clause as high risk, suggesting the term is removed. However, there is some pushback form my counterparty, so instead, I want to replace it with a liability cap of £1,000,000. In this instance, I might not have any playbook wording for this, and my morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet – this is where Lumi Generate comes in. With a click-of-a-button, I can ask Lumi Generate to redraft the clause for me, which it does so in seconds.

Ask Lumi

Both Lumi Generate and Lumi Redraft form part of Ask Lumi, our chatbot powered by proprietary, ‘legal-grade’ AI. Now the lawyer has made all necessary revisions to the contract, they can ‘Ask Lumi’ to draft an executive summary of the NDA to send to Senior Management, so they have visibility into the details of the contract. Now that the lawyer is confident the NDA is compliant with internal standards, it can be sent back to the counter party with just one click.

If you’re interested in seeing Luminance in action for yourself, be sure to book in a demo here.