A Day in the Life: Daisy Saxelby, Technical Support Engineer Team Lead

13 December 2023 | Daisy Saxelby

My journey to Luminance was far from typical! I graduated from Warwick University in 2021 after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s in Renaissance History, before working as a librarian at the University of Cambridge. After a while, I realised that I wanted to move into a different field where I could work at the forefront of innovation. That led me to applying for a Customer Support Executive role at Luminance! It seemed like the perfect opportunity to develop my technical skill set whilst still having lots of contact with customers – something I really enjoyed at my previous job.

This year, I was promoted to Technical Support Engineer Team Lead and now manage a group of Support and Site Reliability Engineers, working together to manage customer queries and act as the first line of support. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me…


I start my day by checking the Support Help Desk to see if any urgent enquiries have come in from our customers overnight. I also run through any updates from our Support team based out of Luminance’s Singapore office. With teams working in Singapore, London and the US, we provide our customers with 24/7 support, ensuring they have a seamless experience with our tech and are fully equipped to meet tight deadlines.

I now have my main priorities sorted and can plan for the day. I also make sure to keep a few hours in my calendar free from meetings, so I can handle any client questions that will inevitably pop up!


I hold a meeting to check in with my team of Support and Site Reliability Engineers. I assign tasks based on the day’s priorities, trying to make sure people are always working on something new. I then have a meeting with other team leads and senior management to manage resourcing and ensure our priorities are aligned.

We’ve got a new starter joining the team next week, so I’m putting together a training plan for her. This will include product-specific training (i.e. how the product works), messaging training (for clients as well as internal use), and task-specific training (such as managing common queries). So, I need to work out who in the team has time to lead each aspect, and then create a personalised schedule!


I work primarily with our Luminance Discovery product, which helps across investigations, arbitrations, and litigation matters, and I’ve just seen a customer request come in for a load file import. This is typically when a customer wants to upload documents from opposing counsel, whilst keeping all of the metadata during the transfer. We need to link and configure all of the files with the metadata so that, upon import, Luminance’s AI knows exactly what tags to apply to each document and in what format! My role here is reading the load file to work out the context of the matter and understand what is important to the customer. Once I have a clear idea of this, the load file can be passed onto the Ops team for configuration.


In my role, new things come up all the time, so I’m constantly thinking on my feet. I quickly move from the previous customer request to a customer demo. Today, I’m showing them how to get up and running on our Microsoft Word plugin. Providing face-to-face support to our customers is one of my favourite things about working at Luminance – I love meeting new people all the time and I know I’m truly making a real impact by enabling them to transform the way they work.


Lunch time! I’m planning a night out for the London and Cambridge offices, so I bounce some ideas off my colleagues over lunch. I love organising these social events as they’re always great fun and a good opportunity for people from across the company to get to know each other better!


After lunch, I spend some time working on internal operational improvements. This week, we’re focusing on automating customer environment set-ups and improving how we disable environments. I’ve scoped out a new system for enabling and disabling environments via an intuitive dashboard. This will save the team lots of time in the long run and reduce the number of queries we get from other teams on a regular basis, so I’m keen to get this up and running ASAP! I really enjoy problem-solving, so it’s great that I’m given the autonomy in my role to think creatively about projects and work out ways to constantly improve the current systems in place.


Next up, I have a handover meeting with our fantastic US support team! I give them all of today’s updates, so they’re completely up to date with the work we’ve done today, any issues that have arisen, and ongoing support requests that we’re addressing. Collaboration is a really key aspect of my role in support; good communication is vital, so that the company is perfectly aligned, and we can work together to provide the highest-level support for our customers every day.


At the end of the day, I try to tie up any loose ends and work out the key tasks that I’ll need to revisit tomorrow. We’ve had a late customer request come in for a report template. This is a very manageable request, as Luminance is able to extract metadata and key information like document IDs. All this data is formatted into a digestible report, ensuring the customer’s legal team can feedback on their work to their C-suite and allow them to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Another day wrapped up, and I feel a nice sense of accomplishment, knowing that my team has helped our customers to meet tight deadlines and work more efficiently. And now, I’m off to the Luminance knitting and sewing club – LumiKnit! It’s a fantastic opportunity to hang out with colleagues, catch-up and learn a new skill.