Auto Mark-Up: Redraft Any Contract in a Click

29 January 2024 | Eleanor Lightbody, CEO, Luminance

At the end of last year, Luminance made history with “Autopilot” – the first AI in the world to completely automate the negotiation of a contract, without human intervention, between two opposing parties. This development sparked notable excitement, with plenty of speculation about how it will transform working practices in the legal industry.

But what if you’re negotiating with a party that doesn’t use Luminance (yet)? As more and more companies adopt our technology, I hope this will become less frequent, but for now we’ve come up with a solution – Auto Mark-Up.

With this latest feature, Luminance’s AI can redraft any problematic or non-standard clause within a click, bringing any third-party contract into line with a company’s preferred positions and gold standards in seconds.

Let’s imagine you’ve just received an NDA from a prospective customer. Luminance’s AI already knows how your business prefers to contract, having read and formed a conceptual understanding from your existing contracts and past decision-making. This means it can conduct the first pass review of the contract in seconds, navigating to any high-risk (the red highlights) or non-standard (the yellow highlights), and suggesting acceptable alternatives. Maybe this is changing an assignment clause to require consent from both parties, or inserting a liability cap to an indemnity clause. Hey presto – the contract is now ready to send back! To see what this looks like in action, check out a demo here.

Just think what this game-changing feature could mean for your business. Think further time- and cost-savings, improved risk management and the best possible negotiating position every time. Ultimately, by putting the day-to-day negotiations of routine contracts in the hands of Luminance’s legally trained AI, lawyers can focus on higher-value tasks. This kind of automation represents a new, more efficient era for the legal industry and one I’m very excited about!

Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a demo of Luminance’s next-generation AI here!