International Women’s Day 2024: Luminance’s Top Tips for Women in Tech

8 March 2024 | Luminance

Just 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women. In fact, a recent report revealed that it will take 283 years for women to reach parity with men if the industry continues at the current rate of progress.

At Luminance, we’re proud to be bucking the trend - more than half of our senior leadership are women! So, what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by hearing from some of our very own inspiring female leaders as they share their thoughts on how we can replicate Luminance’s success and encourage more women into the world of tech.

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO

“Having worked my way up in the tech industry ever since graduating, I feel very passionately about making sure that equal opportunities are available for women at Luminance. I’ve strived to make sure the company works on a strictly meritocratic basis, where hard work is rewarded regardless of gender. For me, this is an important message to convey: respect and rewards are earned through merit, not because of nor in spite of gender.

Every single day I’m surrounded by inspiring women who are fighting the historic preconception that tech is a man’s world. Of course, I’ve had times when I’ve been sat in a meeting room as the only woman, and my main advice to anyone in this position is to remember why you’re there and that you’ve earned it just like everyone else.”

Jaeger Glucina, Managing Director & Chief of Staff

“I think one of the greatest barriers women face today when it comes to working in the tech industry is a lack of visible representation. We’re all familiar with high profile male CEOs – the Elon Musks, Sam Altmans and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world. But there are also some incredibly inspiring female leaders in this space too. I think it’s so important to be spotlighting the many incredible women achieving amazing things in the tech world, to start to break down the stereotype that the tech sector is ‘a man’s world’. I’ve been lucky enough to talk at global industry events, sit on panels, and even appear on Sky News, and I hope that by doing so I can play even a small part in showing that there are plenty of us women out there doing inspiring things in this industry too.

Another factor is confidence – evidence suggests that men will apply for a job when they meet just 60% of the required criteria, whereas women only apply if they meet all of them. Lack of self-belief can be detrimental to professional progression, which is why the tech industry needs to do more to both nurture and shine a light on female talent. Luminance frequently holds breakfasts for women and non-binary employees at the company, as well as women in the technology and legal industries more broadly. In this setting, there’s an opportunity to share experiences, discuss ambitions, ideas and learn from one another. Offering a supportive space to facilitate these kind of conversations can help fight the lack of confidence that stops some women from pursuing their dreams and ambitions in the sector.”

Ella Hislop, Head of Product Specialists

“I joined Luminance early on in my career, whilst navigating the transition away from a ‘traditional’ career path in law. Many people assume you need a degree in maths or science to pursue a career in tech, but that’s not the case at all. There is such a wide range of opportunities in the tech sector. Take Luminance – client facing roles, product roles and technical support roles all offer themselves to so many different backgrounds and transferable skills! In fact, a lot of my Product Specialists actually studied humanities subjects, since tech encompasses so many different skill sets. I studied Law myself, and I often think the logical thinking skills I developed enables me to develop a product story and roadmap! So, the gender gap when it comes to studying STEM subjects doesn’t need to translate to a gap in tech positions.”

Poppy Coy, Director of Client Services

“It’s so important to actively talk about issues women in the tech industry face, or indeed any industry! One way we do this at Luminance is through regular Diversity & Inclusion meetings, where people can raise any issues or suggestions about how to ensure we’re doing everything we can to encourage and support everyone. In light of this, my biggest piece of advice to fellow women and non-binary people in tech is to try to surround yourself with supportive people who champion your journey and celebrate what you uniquely bring to the table.”

Madina Mujadidi, Legal Analyst Lead

“I first joined Luminance as a Legal Analyst intern to explore my growing interest in the intersection of law and technology. Having studied law at university, dipping my toe into the world of tech seemed scary at first, but I’m pleased to say that I’m still here two years on, now as the team leader! The inclusive environment and abundance of inspirational women within the company proved to me that my gender wouldn’t be a barrier to my success, and that’s certainly been true.

With this in my mind, networking events are a great way to give women the nudge they may need to move into the tech space, as these offer the opportunity to speak to and get advice from other women in the sector. Here at Luminance, we host a series of Women in Law dinner seminars, offering the chance for women within the legal sector to meet, network, and learn more about the tech side of things within a supportive space.”

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