Market-leading AI platform, Luminance, used in over 80 languages across the globe

26 November 2019 |

26 November 2019 - Today, Luminance announces that its unique AI platform for the legal industry, which has revolutionised document review for over 175 law firms and organisations, is now successfully being used in over 80 languages around the world.

To understand variations in natural language, Luminance developed its Legal Inference Transformation Engine (LITE), which combines ground-breaking pattern recognition technology with supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Deep learning and neural networks build on these mathematical theories to understand the patterns in languages.

As all language is simply pattern, Luminance is able to instantly read and understand any document, any contract and any clause based on these patterns. Mirroring the way the human brain learns, the technology builds an understanding of these patterns in language the more examples it is exposed to. This transformative technology means any firm of any size can use the platform in any language.

The top-tier UK law firm, Bird & Bird, recently conducted a review of almost 200,000 employee contracts containing both English and German language. This was the first time the firm’s German office had used the technology and the first time it used Luminance on German documents. The legal team estimated that, in the same time it would have taken to review the whole project manually, they could have completed 50 projects in Luminance.

Most recently, Luminance has also been used to conduct reviews in Slavic languages, as seen through their Serbian customers BDK Advokati and Karanovic & Partners. Unlike other technologies that often require pre-training and configuration, Luminance’s unsupervised machine learning means that it understands languages out of the box, allowing lawyers to focus on the important work, at a faster rate than ever before.

Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance has become the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession by deploying unique machine learning to read and analyse documents and contracts much like a lawyer does, but with unmatched speed and confidence. Luminance’s technology has been recognised by a number of prestigious bodies and organisations, most recently being awarded the World Economic Forum’s ‘Technology Pioneers’ accolade and a Queen’s Award for Innovation.