Leading AI company, Luminance, integrates with Sterling Technology

27 July 2020 |

-[27 July 2020]- Luminance, the market-leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession, has announced that it is integrating with virtual data room (VDR) provider, Sterling Technology, providing enhanced functionality for Luminance’s fast-growing, international customer base of over 250 law firms and organisations.

Sterling Technology is deployed by leading brands such as EDF Energy, Nestle, AstraZeneca and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). By integrating with Sterling, with one click, Luminance customers will be able to securely upload and transfer legal documents into the Luminance platform for due diligence and other contract review processes. Indeed, with most of Luminance’s clients operating remotely due to the global health crisis, Luminance’s latest integration with Sterling is invaluable, enabling firms to seamlessly upload documents from any device, from anywhere on the globe, within minutes. Moreover, Sterling’s automatic synchronisation with Luminance ensures that no documents are missed during the upload, which is crucial for law firms conducting large-scale, high-risk due diligence reviews at any time, but of paramount importance in our current environment whereby the ability to access and checking against physical documents is severely curtailed.

Once documents have been automatically transferred to Luminance, Luminance’s pioneering machine learning technology can rapidly read and understand the data room at hand, instantly flagging critical risk to the lawyer. As a result, lawyers are empowered to deliver prompt and informed legal advice to their business and clients.

Jason Brennan, Luminance’s acting CEO, comments: “By integrating with Sterling and facilitating a quick and easy upload of legal data, Luminance’s customers will achieve even greater time savings and be sure of the most thorough document review. Indeed, with most of our client-base working from home due to the pandemic, Luminance’s integration with Sterling will enable customers to maintain efficiency and productivity during this critical period.”

Steve Dobson, Global Sales Director at Sterling Technology, adds: “We are very happy to have partnered with Luminance. Our clients require their technology partners to be on the same page and by ensuring seamless integration between the platforms we are enabling lawyers to be more efficient."

Founded at the University of Cambridge and launched in 2016, Luminance brings true machine learning to the legal profession. By combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning with pattern-recognition algorithms, Luminance’s core intelligence, ‘LITE’ (Legal Inference Transformation Engine), immediately reads and analyses legal data at record speed. With no configuration or training, LITE can read and form an understanding of the dataset at hand, instantly surfacing to the lawyer all potential areas of risk or importance, including standards, deviations and anomalies, becoming increasingly efficient with further use. Luminance is now used by law firms and organisations in over 50 countries, including all of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and more than one fifth of the ‘Global Top 100’ law firms.

About Sterling Technology

Sterling Technology is an international Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider. Our service combine industry leading security, fast, intuitive technology and a fully managed client service team enabling projects to be completed faster and more securely. Our clients are based in 157 countries and number some of the largest organisations in the world of pharmaceuticals, private equity, consumer, banking, energy and government. Sterling is used by professionals to share information during highly confidential transactions for the purposes of due diligence.

About Luminance

Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance has developed the Legal Inference Transformation Engine (LITE), the first true application of machine learning to the legal industry, combining pattern-recognition technology with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to read and understand human language. Luminance is used by law firms and in-house teams in over 50 countries around the world to improve processes such as due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance reviews, property portfolio analysis and eDiscovery. The company has offices in London, Cambridge, New York and Singapore.