BARANDUN adopts Luminance’s AI as it secures top-tier law firm status

8 June 2021 |

8 June 2021- BARANDUN, a leading Swiss law firm, has announced the adoption of Luminance’s market-leading artificial intelligence platform across their legal practice. The announcement comes as BARANDUN named a TOP law firm for the fifth year in a row by the directory of the Swiss newspapers Bilanz/LeTemps/Handelszeitung.

With increasing data volumes rendering manual review methods increasingly unmanageable for the firm, as well as a significant drain on time and resource, BARANDUN chose to adopt the complete Luminance platform to enhance document review processes across both their commercial and litigation practice. Now, using Luminance’s machine learning-driven contract analysis tool and AI-powered eDiscovery platform, BARANDUN can cut through huge volumes of data at rapid speeds and even take on larger due diligence and eDiscovery projects that were previously out of reach for the firm due to the amount of time and resource required. This is transformative for the firm, helping them to take on more work, expand their client base and boost profitability.

Luminance is the only technology on the market that requires no machine training, instead deploying powerful supervised and unsupervised machine learning to rapidly read and form an understanding of data. Most recently, the firm used Luminance’s AI-powered eDiscovery tool to prepare for litigation proceeding and were able to identify all pertinent information amongst more than 50’000 documents. By using Luminance, BARANDUN was able to ensure that valuable information was brought to light in a short period of time, which strengthened the client's position as plaintiff in the envisaged litigation proceeding.

Stefan Wiesli, Managing Partner at BARANDUN, comments: “Digitalisation is affecting large parts of our economic life- legal advice is not excluded from this development and in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, the role of the lawyer as a sparring partner will increase in importance. Adopting powerful and innovative technology like Luminance is helping shift the tedious, repetitive work from humans to computers, giving lawyers the ability to comb through huge data rooms and identify key information, norms and anomalies.” He continues, “With Luminance, even small teams can now handle larger due diligence and eDiscovery projects. This is a great opportunity for us as a law firm.”

Luminance’s CEO, Eleanor Weaver adds: “We are delighted to have another forward-looking, top-tier law firm transforming the way they perform document and contract analysis with Luminance’s AI-powered technology. Luminance is a technology that can be used by firms of any size and for any type of workflow and it is exciting to see how leading firms like BARANDUN are using technology to compete beyond their usual means.”

Luminance currently supports over 300 law firms and organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide, including all of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and over one-fifth of the ‘Global Top 100’ law firms.

About Luminance

Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession, with over 300 customers in more than 50 countries. Luminance’s machine learning technology reads and forms an understanding of documents, helping lawyers to perform the most thorough and rapid document reviews across practice areas including due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance reviews, property portfolio analysis and eDiscovery. Luminance has offices in London, Cambridge, New York and Singapore.


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