Luminance increases foothold in Ireland, signing Eversheds Sutherland

7 July 2021 |

7 July 2021- Top-tier law firm, Eversheds Sutherland Ireland, joins its Italian and London offices by adopting Luminance’s market-leading contract analysis tool.

Eversheds Sutherland is the latest Irish firm to announce its use of Luminance this year, with Luminance seeing a 65% increase in the uptake of its technology by Irish firms in the last six months alone.

Eversheds Sutherland is Ireland's only full-service, global law practice, offering legal advice to some of the world’s leading global organisations such as PayPal, Nestle SA and Microsoft. Prior to adopting Luminance, Eversheds Sutherland Ireland were relying on lengthy manual review methods to analyse their contracts ahead of M&A due diligence transactions. Growing data volumes and the speed with which Eversheds Sutherland needed to perform such reviews meant that it was becoming increasingly unfeasible for the corporate legal team to read these datasets in their entirety. Luminance’s sophisticated yet powerful technology will now allow Eversheds Sutherland to have total insight into their contracts, resulting in fast and effective legal advice with time and cost savings of up to 90% in a review.

Eversheds Sutherland were impressed with the ease and speed in which Luminance could analyse their contracts. The technology’s unique language-and-jurisdiction agnosticism will also be critical for the firm, which has a global client base, offering a seamless service across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America.

Nicholas Eustace, IT Director at Eversheds Sutherland Ireland, comments: “Luminance’s powerful AI technology is set to completely transform the way we conduct our M&A due diligence and contract reviews, ensuring that we are able to find answers faster and deliver proactive and informed legal advice to our clients. But this is only half the equation - with Luminance’s flexible machine learning approach, we are able to gain unparalleled insight into the totality of our documents, confident that nothing has been overlooked. This is client service at its best and we are excited to roll Luminance out across our corporate legal work.”

Luminance’s CEO, Eleanor Weaver, adds: “We are very pleased to have another Irish customer using Luminance’s ground-breaking AI technology, not to mention a globally- recognised law firm like Eversheds Sutherland. AI is an essential asset for law firms looking to best advise their clients and maintain operations, and will no doubt be transformative for Eversheds Sutherland’s corporate legal team within their day-to-day legal work.”

Luminance is now used by over 300 law firms and organisations globally. This includes all of the ‘Big Four’ and over one-fifth of the ‘Global Top 100’ law firms like Holland & Knight, Bird & Bird and White & Case.

About Eversheds Sutherland Ireland

Eversheds Sutherland is a full service commercial law firm with a business-like approach. Based in the heart of Dublin's commercial district, its practice focuses on supporting the business growth and expansion of our clients. Eversheds Sutherland Ireland advises indigenous owner-managed companies as well as international and multinational companies, banks, financial institutions and public organisations.

Its association with Eversheds International means they can provide a seamless service right across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America. At local or international level, Eversheds Sutherland Ireland aim to help all their clients in achieving their commercial objectives.

About Luminance

Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession, currently used by over 300 law firms and organisations in over 50 countries. Luminance’s machine learning technology reads and forms an understanding of documents, helping lawyers to perform the most thorough and rapid document reviews across practice areas including due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance reviews, property portfolio analysis and eDiscovery. Luminance has offices in London, Cambridge, New York and Singapore.