French Law Firm Lerins & BCW Deploys Luminance AI for Contract Review

12 January 2022 |

January 12 2022 | London, UK, and Paris, France - Leading French business law firm, Lerins & BCW, has announced its adoption of Luminance’s next-generation artificial intelligence to enhance its contract review and knowledge management capabilities.

French full-service firm Lerins & BCW is home to 40 lawyers with particular expertise in all aspects of business law. The firm plans to implement Luminance’s unique machine learning technology to increase the productivity of its 50-strong team, particularly amongst its junior lawyers who can spend hours trawling through vast document sets when performing reviews manually. Lerins & BCW’s legal team have begun by using Luminance to augment their reviews of shareholder agreements, allowing them to have a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ contractual obligations and highlight any potential risk factors. Following the success of this project, the firm intends to use Luminance to expedite time-sensitive M&A due diligence reviews, as the AI will allow its lawyers to perform thorough analysis of all necessary documents and surface hidden risks much more quickly.

As the only language- and jurisdiction-agnostic tool on the market, Luminance can work in any language from day one, allowing Lerins & BCW to seamlessly review and analyse both English and French documents and easily identify governing laws present within datasets of any size. The firm was particularly impressed with Luminance’s seamless workflow tools, which will enable Lerins & BCW’s lawyers to improve communication and collaboration between colleagues and enhance their knowledge management capabilities.

Laurent Julienne, Corporate Partner at Lerins & BCW, comments: “The explosion in enterprise data has led to an exponential increase in the number of contracts we have to review for each case. By using Luminance to help us perform these vital reviews rapidly but thoroughly, we can take on cases regardless of scale and still have time to provide valuable analysis and advice to our clients.”

Eleanor Weaver, CEO of Luminance, adds: “Luminance can truly empower lawyers by facilitating the arduous process of document review and, therefore, enabling them to focus on the in-depth analysis that clients truly value. Lerins & BCW clearly understand that embracing AI will give them a competitive advantage, as it will allow them to cope with the sheer amount of corporate data involved in business law, driving their strategic capabilities to new heights.”

Luminance is currently used by over 350 customers, including leading law firms, professional services firms, and corporate customers across over 60 countries. The platform is used by lawyers working in over 80 languages, with over 40% of its customers working primarily with non-English documents.


About Luminance

Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance has developed the Legal Inference Transformation Engine (LITE), the first true application of machine learning to the legal industry, combining pattern-recognition technology with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to read and understand human language. Luminance is used by law firms and in-house teams in over 60 countries around the world to improve processes such as due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance reviews, property portfolio analysis and eDiscovery. The company has offices in London, Cambridge, New York and Singapore.

About Lerins & BCW

Lerins & BCW is a leading French business law firm. The firm is composed of 50 people including 40 lawyers specialized in business law, among which are 14 partners. Lerins & BCW offers its clients (SMEs, subsidiaries of large groups, company managers and investors) a global legal service in corporate law, commercial contracts, litigation and arbitration, tax law, employment law, new technologies and intellectual property and health law. The firm works with French and foreign companies in both their national and international business.