Global Energy Companies Adopt Luminance’s AI to Automate Legal Departments

14 September 2023 |

September 15 2023 | Luminance, the pioneer in ‘legal-grade’ AI, today announced that five energy companies, including Ecotricity and Perenco, have recently adopted its award-winning AI to streamline and automate the work of their in-house legal departments.

Against a backdrop of geopolitical shifts, successive supply chain shocks and growing ESG reporting requirements, energy companies are facing particularly volatile legal and market conditions. In order to maintain the competitive edge in this complex environment, businesses are turning to Luminance’s AI to maintain compliance across borders and market segments, automate routine legal work, and drive internal efficiencies.

Powered by the latest advances in machine learning, Luminance's pioneering 'legal-grade' AI revolutionises how businesses read, understand and analyse their contracts. Ecotricity, Perenco and Eolus Vind join a growing list of energy companies taking advantage of the first AI in the world to take a first pass of review any incoming contract out-of-the-box, highlighting areas of potential non-compliance and risk. Importantly for these cross-border businesses, legal teams can upload jurisdiction-specific internal standards into Luminance, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, Luminance’s intelligent contract repository delivers granular insight into expansive document landscapes, helping energy companies to conduct rapid assessments of supply chains or ESG-related reviews. For instance, with Luminance flagging 1,000 legal concepts out-of-the-box, legal departments can rapidly identify key clauses and terms such as Sustainability Clauses, Carbon Clauses or Net Zero Standards.

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO of Luminance, commented, "It's exciting to see energy companies around the globe adopting Luminance’s AI. Legal professionals serving specialist industries need specialist technology to meet the unique challenges posed by their sector. That’s why Luminance’s legal Large Language Model (LLM) is such an essential tool for in-house legal departments today.”

Luminance continues its rapid trajectory of growth, recently reporting a 336% year-on-year increase in customers for its flagship product, Luminance Corporate.


About Luminance: Luminance is the world's most advanced AI technology for the legal processing of contracts and documents. Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance's AI reads and forms a conceptual understanding of documents in any language. Luminance uses this understanding to augment the spectrum of legal matters, from AI-powered contract drafting, negotiation, and review to investigations and eDiscovery. Luminance is trusted by over 500 customers in 60 countries, including all of the Big Four consultancy firms, a quarter of the world's largest law firms, and multinational organizations.