Emma Sleep Takes Legal Compliance and Efficiency to New Heights with Luminance Partnership

29 November 2023 |

• Emma doubles the quantity of documents reviewed per quarter with Luminance’s AI

29 November 2023 | Luminance, the pioneer in ‘legal-grade’ AI, today announced that Emma – The Sleep Company (“Emma”), has adopted its next-generation technology to streamline contract reviews and enhance internal compliance processes across the enterprise.

Emma has enjoyed a rapid growth trajectory over the past five years, propelled by record revenues and the opening of its first European stores in the Netherlands and Germany. As Emma continues its global expansion and breaks into new market segments, the scope of work of the company’s in-house legal department continues to increase. With high volumes of influencer contracts, service agreements, NDAs and DPAs all in need of review when evaluating and pursuing new business opportunities, Emma sought an AI-powered platform that could expedite the analysis of all contracts across the business.

After trialling several contract management systems that ultimately proved incapable of servicing its legal workflow, Emma turned to Luminance’s ‘legal-grade’ AI for its ability to deliver granular insight into contractual detail and ensure the efficient, compliant flow of contracts around the business. Emma now uses Luminance’s AI as its primary tool for negotiating and reviewing contracts, ensuring that non-legal functions, including Sales, Procurement, Finance and Marketing, remain fully aligned with Legal on all contractual matters. Luminance’s powerful workflow tools, including the Legal Helpdesk, allow any employee to communicate directly with the legal department via a simple ticketing system. Now, when a contract is need of review, non-legal teams submit the contract via the Helpdesk, where it is then filtered by language and allocated to the relevant reviewer from Legal, ensuring a seamless compliance check workflow.

Emma has further rolled-out Luminance’s automated contract generation functionality to specific teams across the business, empowering them to independently draft contracts in line with internal standards. As all contract templates are centralised within Luminance and pre-approved by Legal, Emma can ensure total organisational compliance and mitigate risk across all aspects of their contracting processes.

Moving forwards, Emma’s legal team will take advantage of Luminance’s revolutionary ability to take a first pass review of any incoming contract out-of-the-box, instantly highlighting which areas of a contract are compliant or non-standard according to internal positions. With Luminance’s AI-powered chatbot, ‘Ask Lumi’, further able to redraft clause wording on-the-fly, Emma’s legal team can ensure more consistent, compliant negotiations. Having already started this process with NDAs, Emma will look to use Luminance’s AI when negotiating other third-party contracts.

Bruna Assêncio, Head of Legal at Emma – The Sleep Company, commented: “Emma is deeply committed to best-in-class compliance practices and Luminance’s AI is supporting our evolution into industry leader by enhancing compliance in all aspects of our contract review. Luminance is also making us more efficient – the technology has been a game-changer for our business.”

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO of Luminance, added: “I am delighted to welcome Emma to the growing ranks of industry-leading businesses joining the Luminance family. This partnership has shown that Luminance’s legal AI co-pilot is not only easing the compliance burden on in-house legal teams, but is also improving internal contracting efficiencies across the board. I’m excited to see how our AI will continue to deliver value for Emma moving forwards.”


About Emma – The Sleep Company

Emma – The Sleep Company is a founder-managed company and the world's leading direct-to-consumer sleep brand. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller in Germany, the company is active in more than 30 countries and achieved a turnover of EUR 873 million (USD 948 million) in 2022, a growth rate of 35 percent from the previous year. Emma® products are sold via an omnichannel approach, including D2C/online, marketplaces, and more than 3,500 brick-and-mortar stores. Emma successfully collaborates with over 200 retailers. Emma's 1,000+ team members are working across the world, with offices in Frankfurt (Germany), Manila (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal), Mexico City (Mexico), and Shanghai (China).

About Luminance

Built on a proprietary legal Large Language Model (LLM), Luminance’s specialised legal co-pilot uses next-generation AI to automate the generation, negotiation and analysis of contracts. Developed by world-leading AI experts, validated by leading lawyers, and in use by over 500 customers in 60 countries, Luminance’s ‘legal-grade’ AI is a key component of any legal team.