Ventient Energy and Renantis Deploy Luminance’s AI to Enhance Legal Activity During Company Combination

30 May 2024 |

Luminance, the pioneer in Legal-Grade™ AI, today announced that Ventient Energy/Renantis (soon to rebrand as ‘Nadara’), one of Europe’s leading generators of renewable energy, has adopted its next-generation technology to enhance company-wide efficiency.

Luminance’s technology was used during the combination of the two large, Europe-based renewable energy companies. A key challenge lay in merging two legal teams and multiple data rooms. After an analysis of the market, the team turned to Luminance for its ability to create a single source of truth and standardise and harmonise the company’s contractual landscape.

Luminance’s AI-powered repository offered instant insight into the contractual positions, risks, trends and outliers, enhancing the team’s understanding of commercial activity prior to the combination. Thanks to Luminance, the company did not have to outsource certain workstreams.

Looking ahead, the renewable energy generator's legal team is considering extending Luminance as a business tool across certain business functions. This would allow other teams who interact with contracts such as business development and finance to be able to generate pre-approved contracts, automate routine negotiations to reduce legal bottlenecks and access the AI-powered repository to enhance their understanding of the organisation’s commercial activity.

Andreas Formosa, Head of Legal (Energy Markets) at the combined business, said: “It’s clear the role of the lawyer is evolving, and AI like Luminance is spearheading this change. By automating those routine, time-consuming tasks, I have more opportunity to focus on other, value-add work. Luminance’s AI is enhancing our legal activity, placing Nadara on the front foot right from the offset.”

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO at Luminance, added: “It’s great to hear the role Luminance played in facilitating this significant business step for our customer. Luminance’s AI is delivering immediate value in terms of time, cost and commercial insight, and I look forward to seeing how Luminance continues to enhance the legal activity of the business at every stage of its journey.”


About Ventient Energy

Ventient Energy is a pan-European non-utility developer and generator of renewable energy. Its portfolio has grown quickly since its inception in 2017, and it currently owns and operates renewable assets in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK, with a total installed capacity of 2.8 GW.

As a business, it focuses on sustainable growth that provides long-term returns to those who invest their future in its vision – generating renewable energy to secure the future of the people and the planet.

About Renantis

Renantis exists to build a better future for all by powering people’s everyday lives with care. It develops, designs, constructs and operates onshore wind farms, solar PV plants, floating offshore wind farms and energy storage facilities globally.

Headquartered in Italy, Renantis has delivered renewable energy since 2002. The company’s plants span the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden, with a total capacity of 1,420 MW in operation.

Sustainability is part of Renantis’ DNA, creating shared value for all stakeholders, safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which it operates and building relationships with communities.

As a responsible pioneer in the renewable energy sector, Renantis has a strong track record of providing specialised services and expertise at all stages of the value chain. From production to consumption, it provides technical advisory, asset management and energy management services to clients and these activities span 40 countries.

About Luminance

Built on a proprietary legal Large Language Model (LLM), Luminance’s specialized legal co-pilot uses next-generation AI to automate the generation, negotiation, and analysis of contracts. Developed by world-leading AI experts, validated by leading lawyers, and in use by over 600 customers in 70 countries, Luminance’s ‘legal-grade’ AI is a key component of any legal team.