Renewable Energy Leader, Erneuerbare Energien Fabrik (EEF), Chooses Luminance for AI-Powered Contract Analysis

12 June 2024 |

Luminance, the pioneer in Legal-Grade™ AI, today announced that German renewable energy provider, Erneuerbare Energien Fabrik (EEF), has adopted its award-winning AI to increase efficiencies and empower productivity across the company.

Faced with a growing volume of contracts requiring a quick turnaround and a complex regulatory environment, the team at EEF sought a next-generation technology to optimise contract management and empower non-legal teams to effectively manage their repository of contracts. Importantly, by reducing time spent on the contracting process, EEF can expedite the planning of green energy projects.

With Luminance’s AI at their fingertips, the EEF team is now able to draft and review 50% more contracts each month. Luminance automatically highlights non-standard clauses in any incoming contract and suggests alternative, preferred language that can be substituted with a click. Furthermore, Luminance provides non-legal teams with the confidence to effectively manage obligations and compliance measures within these critical contracts. In fact, EEF have found that what used to take two weeks to take a contract from creation to signature, now takes just two days.

EEF is now using Luminance as a single source of truth for the company’s most valuable assets: the information and data contained within their contracts. Luminance’s AI-powered repository automatically tags 1,000 of the most important clauses, including governing law, termination dates, and parties, so the busy team can now immediately identify key data points across their contractual landscape in seconds.

As part of this partnership EEF and Luminance are also aiming to develop sector-specific solutions for the analysis of large volumes of unstructured data to drastically shorten the planning phase of renewable energy plants in Germany. Luminance will soon be rolled out across EEF’s asset management and investment team, creating an impactful AI-driven ecosystem which boosts productivity across the company.

Nigel Nyirenda, Managing Director of EEF, noted: “As a leader in the renewable energy space, EEF understands the importance of staying on the cutting-edge of technology. Luminance is empowering our legal and non-legal teams to optimise contract management, reduce turnaround time, and create a more efficient review process. Effective operation in this space requires strict compliance with ever-evolving regulations. Luminance allows us to stay on top of these mandates and continue to be a leader in this sector.”

Eleanor Lightbody, CEO of Luminance, added: “It’s fantastic to see more and more energy companies turning to Luminance to optimise their contracting process from end to end. I’m thrilled to have the wonderful team at EEF on board; they are true innovators in the renewables space and I’m excited to see what this partnership has in store.”


About EEF

EEF (Erneuerbare Energien Fabrik) stands for a future in which sustainability and progress are closely linked. As a creative visionary, it is passionately committed to the energy transition 2.0 and is an innovative partner for holistic energy concepts in Germany. With many years of experience in the industry and locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Mainz, EEF and its more than 40 employees push their projects forward with a local focus - with the aim of incorporating them into the company's own portfolio in the long term. EEF plans to invest around EUR 500 million in the coming years. The aim is to create a sustainable energy era by intelligently combining wind energy, photovoltaics and storage technologies, supported by innovative AI software. Through open dialogue and careful listening, EEF develops tailor-made energy solutions that meet local needs.

About Luminance

Built on a proprietary legal Large Language Model (LLM), Luminance’s specialized legal co-pilot uses next-generation AI to automate the generation, negotiation, and analysis of contracts. Developed by world-leading AI experts, validated by leading lawyers, and in use by over 600 customers in 70 countries, Luminance’s ‘legal-grade’ AI is a key component of any legal team.