Lumiannce use cases

Use Cases

Luminance Diligence can enhance lawyers’ insight into their documents and expedite their reviews across a wide range of use cases, from M&A Due Diligence to Contract Management. Luminance’s powerful machine learning means that the technology can be flexibly deployed across documents of any kind and is agnostic to language and jurisdiction.

Luminance comes with over 1000 pre-built concept models – this means that as Luminance analyses the data set, it automatically tags its key data points, bringing vital information to the reviewer’s attention immediately. Users can also choose to utilise Luminance’s modules, whereby a template workflow has already been created – upon document upload, key aspects of the data set are instantly labelled, allowing lawyers to perform incredibly rapid reviews with unparalleled insight. No matter the use case or practice area, Luminance Diligence assists lawyers to conduct the most thorough and robust reviews for their business and clients.


Luminance Case: M & A Due Diligence
M & A Due Diligence

Luminance’s AI enables lawyers to gain a rapid understanding of their data room, no matter how vast. Luminance instantly analyses the structure and key features of the data room, labelling key information such as document and contract types, clauses, languages and governing laws present, as well as a range of other key data points

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Luminance Case: Data Protection Regulations
Data Protection Regulations

Advanced AI can help to ensure lawyers are optimally positioned to meet the demands of increasingly complex data protection regulations, easily identifying non-compliant provisions and allowing lawyers to amend them directly from within Luminance

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Luminance Case: Real Estate Reviews
Real Estate Reviews

Whether conveyancing or providing property portfolio analysis, AI provides increased insight during real estate reviews. Luminance can flexibly adapt to altered regulatory conditions or market changes (such as those brought by Coronavirus), allowing lawyers to provide the most through, responsive reviews

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Luminance Case: Underwriting

Luminance’s advanced AI technology allows underwriters to quickly understand critical provisions and risk contained within large data sets, ensuring all data points have been understood prior to writing insurance policies

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Luminance Case: Regulatory Compliance Reviews (such as LIBOR)
Regulatory Compliance Reviews (such as LIBOR)

Using AI dramatically reduces the scale of resource needed to complete otherwise time-intensive reviews, such as LIBOR. Documents that require remediation can be amended directly from within Luminance.

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Luminance Case: Redaction

As data creation explodes and increased data privacy regulation comes into effect, document redaction poses an ever-greater challenge to lawyers. Luminance helps lawyers redact any kind of information, including Personally Identifiable Information, within data sets of any size. Further, by understanding documents at a conceptual level, Luminance highlights similar results which might need to be included, ensuring the most effective document redaction process.

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Luminance Case: Initial Public Offering
Initial Public Offering

Faced with reviewing a large amount of corporate data, Luminance allows lawyers to ensure the accuracy of information in a publicly-available securities prospectus and to deliver comprehensive pre-IPO advice to budget and to deadline.

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Luminance Case: Tender Documents
Tender Documents

Lawyers can use Luminance to understand a host of provisions and criteria contained within tender documents, with advanced comparison tools highlighting key differences between different submissions, allowing Luminance to complete a full tender review to deadline at competitive prices

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Luminance Case: Repapering (including pre-Brexit assessments)
Repapering (including pre-Brexit assessments)

As business face changes in legislation or updated regulatory environments, Luminance allows lawyers to quickly identify all documents in a data set that don’t conform with required standards, ensuring organisations can identify risk and, where necessary, amend documents to be compliant

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Luminance Case: Market Intelligence Reviews
Market Intelligence Reviews

Lawyers are using Luminance to rapidly identify key clauses and compare changes across a wide range of previously agreed documents, allowing them to the see variations over time in previously agreed provisions which can be used to inform future negotiations or provide additional services to clients

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Luminance Case: Non-disclosure Agreements
Non-disclosure Agreements

Given the importance of non-disclosure agreements in protecting a company’s information, Luminance’s powerful machine learning is critical in allowing lawyers to gain rapid insight into the contents and structure of NDAs, facilitating a rapid comparison of unexecuted agreements to approved internal standards and allowing lawyers to amend documents directly from within Luminance.

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Luminance Case: Use case: contract harmonisation
Use case: contract harmonisation

Lawyers undertaking a contract harmonisation or template consolidation exercise aim to consolidate a variety of contracts and templates into a more consistent version.

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Luminance Case: Fund Documents
Fund Documents

As banks and other investment companies turn to their advisors to provide clear and comprehensive advice about the terms agreed to whilst raising funds, Luminance enables lawyers to quickly review huge quantities of documents, rapidly comparing them and flagging discrepancies, ensuring they are fully appraised of terms that they are agreeing to or allowing for effective planning of how to justify any negotiated fund documents

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Luminance Case: Limited Partnership Agreements
Limited Partnership Agreements

Limited Partnership Agreements are crucial documents for private equity and venture capital funds. Using Luminance, lawyers can quickly understand how terms in agreements have changed over time, informing the shape and parameters of negotiations in the future

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Luminance Case: Outside Counsel Guidelines
Outside Counsel Guidelines

Reviewing outside counsel guidelines to understand the operational business relationship between in-house and outside-counsel can often be a time-consuming and laborious task but using Luminance, lawyers are able to rapidly identify crucial information and the terms of the relationship

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Luminance Case: Part VII Transfers
Part VII Transfers

In an uncertain and unpredictable market landscape, events like Brexit have led financial mechanisms such as Part VII transfers have grown in popularity. Using Luminance, lawyers are able to quickly and confidently ascertain the feasibility of undertaking a transfer, the potential risk and the material impact of the process on a business.

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