A Day in the Life: Molly Herbert, Account Executive

31 August 2022 | Molly Herbert

I joined Luminance last year as an Account Executive after completing my undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Durham University. The idea of working in this field instantly appealed to me because of the fast-paced and competitive environment it could provide, in addition to responsibilities such as pitching for new business and growing relationships with a large international client base. When I learned about the opportunity to work for a market-leading AI company alongside some of the world’s largest law firms and businesses, I jumped at the chance!

Nearly a year later, I’m helping multinational companies across all different verticals to transform their legal processes with Luminance’s next-generation AI. Because of my role, I’ve been able to travel the world and speak to C-suite Executives on a daily basis, helping lawyers globally to understand the potential that AI has within the legal industry. Here’s what my typical day looks like:


Entering the office bright and early, I start by outlining my daily to-do list, noting down who I am going to speak to throughout the day. This list ranges from prospective customers to my existing accounts, most of which are based in the Middle East. Typically, my morning begins with calls to my customers in this region and involves a catch-up regarding the progress of their latest review projects in Luminance, as well as a quick update on our latest product developments.


The day has officially started, and it’s time to catch up with my team and Commercial Director. These daily meetings cover the latest updates from members of my team and news regarding the progress of any ongoing Proof of Values (POVs) – these are the free-of-charge trials of Luminance that we offer to all prospective customers. Our daily meetings help foster a good deal of healthy competition, which definitely boosts our drive to close deals! These meetings further provide an opportunity to learn how other team members’ customers are using Luminance on different projects, helping us to think of new and creative ways of engaging new prospects or making sure current customers are seeing the value of Luminance. It’s also a great way to catch up with colleagues and get to know those who have recently joined. We’ve actually doubled our team in size since the start of 2022, so it’s great to see so many new faces.


It’s midmorning and I have a first meeting with a major real estate business based in the Middle East. They are particularly interested in one our latest products, Luminance Corporate, which enhances and expedites the entire contract lifecycle process, from contract generation and negotiation to the review and analysis of executed agreements. I have already done extensive research on this company, and I can see exactly how Luminance could transform legal processes for this organisation’s in-house legal team, who are currently spending their time on highly repetitive contract negotiation tasks and prevented from servicing higher value work for the business. In the demo, their eyes light up when they see that Luminance’s AI can take a first pass review of an incoming contract and are keen to see more!


After that exciting meeting, I start some work on an RFP (a Request for Proposal) for a large engineering company that is interested in testing out Luminance’s AI across their own documents. To begin this process, I discuss the scope of their request with our Product Specialist Team and the legal department, before deciding upon some of the key aspects of Luminance’s functionality that will meet their specified business requirements. I enjoy the challenge of being set an RFP because it appeals to my competitive side – they provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate how unique we are. Plus, an RFP is evidence that the prospect is already considering how technology can optimise their internal processes! My job now is to show them how Luminance is the best choice for this.


I’m off to a business lunch with a long-time customer of ours who is local to our London office. I always enjoy taking the opportunity to connect with customers and meet the people who we have so often been forced to communicate with solely via Zoom! In our catch-up, we have a productive discussion on how to continue maximising the impact that Luminance’s AI is having across their business, in particular, discussing an upcoming planned M&A deal. Maintaining meaningful contact is such a key part of helping to maintain successful relationships.


For the next two hours solid, I am prospecting for new business. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I identify and reach out to potential new customers across different verticals. One of the best things about Luminance is that it is inherently adaptable to any organisation and any use case, so the sky really is the limit when it comes to who can benefit from our AI. This role is all about numbers at the end of the day, so I always make sure to convert my prospecting into a good pipeline of first meetings – the key to more commission!


It’s time to catch up with one of my prospective customers who has just completed their POV and I am delighted because they have decided to become a customer – success! They were amazed after experiencing Luminance’s AI-powered Traffic Light Analysis on their own documents – this is the technology’s ability to take a first pass review of any incoming contract and visually highlight which clauses are acceptable and which need further review and negotiation. The rest of the call is spent discussing their next steps of implementation.


With a newly signed deal in the bag, it’s a fantastic end to a long day. Our team thrives on healthy competition, but we always support each other’s victories. To celebrate the news of my latest customer win, the team and I head to our favourite local pub for a celebratory drink!

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