A Day in the Life: Ava Vakil, Account Executive

4 November 2022 | Luminance

I joined Luminance as an Account Executive just a few months ago in August after completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Language at the University of Oxford. I knew that I was looking for a career in a fast-paced and competitive environment where I could develop my skillset on-the-job, so coming across a market-leading AI company like Luminance was a dream!

Since joining Luminance, I’ve already been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world’s biggest law firms and businesses, even travelling abroad to show C-suite executives how our ground-breaking AI can help transform their organisation’s legal processes. Here’s what my typical day looks like:


When I arrive at our central London office, I grab myself a cup of coffee and prepare for the busy day ahead. I usually draw up a handwritten timetable and to-do list for the day. I’m definitely a visual person so this helps me to feel completely on top of my workload. Then I make sure to check in with our Product Specialist team and see if there have been any overnight updates on my ongoing Proof of Values (POVs), which are the 3-week free-of-charge trials of Luminance’s AI that we offer to all prospective customers.


Led by my team leader, Rory McDaid, our daily team meeting is a great way to check in with colleagues, cover the latest developments in ongoing POVs and the status of our pipelines. Keeping a healthy, strong pipeline of opportunities is so important as it is the key to closing deals and, ultimately, making more commission! Since I’m still relatively new, I find that these meetings are also a useful way to draw on the experience of more senior team members and learn about the different ways that customers across various verticals are using Luminance. It’s great to be exposed to the breadth of Luminance’s applications and to strategise about how to approach different organisations with different challenges.


Energised with plenty of coffee and motivation following my team meeting, it’s time to start prospecting for new business. This means jumping on the phone and speaking with General Counsel, Partners and lawyers from a variety of law firms and organisations. I start by giving them a quick overview of Luminance and, after listening to some of the challenges they are currently facing in their legal teams, I walk them through the variety of ways in which Luminance’s AI can help tackle them. I also use this time to secure some RSVPs to an upcoming dinner seminar I am hosting in Finland next month!


It is late morning and I have a first meeting scheduled with a global manufacturer interested in implementing Luminance to help streamline and automate their contract review processes. In preparation, I plan a possible timeline of implementation along with action steps that I want to take after the first meeting, including being introduced to more potential users across the team and securing a follow-up meeting with their Head of Procurement. This clear, step-by-step process helps me understand what I need to achieve in this opening conversation. I’ve already completed extensive research on Linkedin about the company, ensuring I’m fully prepared and can tailor areas of the demonstration to what I think they will really benefit from.


The nature of Luminance’s flexible working model means that we rotate with different teams in our London office. We all share one dining space, so it is a great place to grab lunch and get to know everyone, especially because there are so many new faces joining each month.


After lunch, I have a meeting with the Marketing team about my upcoming trip to Helsinki for the Nordic Legal Tech Day on the 17th November. I will also be hosting my first dinner at a premium venue – the first time I’ll be leading an event since joining Luminance just two months ago. In final preparation, I run-through logistics and key talking points with the events team.


I have a commercial call with a consultancy firm that are in the final stages of the POV and are moving towards full implementation. This is a great opportunity to catch up with senior members of my team for advice on how to proceed and close the deal. My other team members are extremely helpful in lending their advice on successfully closing deals, so I’m grateful that I can learn from them first-hand and also have my Commercial Director on the call to assist with negotiations.


One of the team has successfully closed a huge deal before end of month, so we’re off to our local pub to celebrate! It’s times like this that I really appreciate the healthy competition of the Sales team – we all celebrate each other’s wins!