A Day in the Life: Anna Rawlence, Customer Success Director

26 June 2024 | Anna Rawlence

I joined Luminance back in 2022 as a Product Specialist. Having spent several years working in private practice, I was well acquainted with the pressures on the legal profession and had come across Luminance a number of times over the years.

Two years on, I now head up our new Customer Success team, making sure our amazing customers are happy and getting the most value from Luminance they can! With more and more organisations implementing our AI, and a rapidly growing Customer Success team, there’s always plenty going on. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me:

9 am

I start the day off by checking in with our Singapore team to see if there are any important customer updates, such as new users to onboard or new use cases to plan. It’s getting to the end of the working day over there, so they bring me up to speed with anything they’ve been working on today for us to take over. With teams working in Singapore, Europe and the US, we need to ensure prompt responses for all of our customers, based in over 70 countries globally.

10 am

It’s time for our weekly team meeting – each Customer Success Manager gives an overview of the status of their various customers, flagging any key projects or areas to focus on in the coming week. The Customer Success team is responsible for customer satisfaction, so we’re involved at every stage of any customer’s journey, from streamlining implementation to tailoring use-cases and planning the long-term roadmap, in order to ensure our customers are using Luminance effectively and getting the most out of it. We’ve just released a whole host of new features, so we need to make sure everything is up and running and take on feedback from customers.

11 am

Luminance is hiring across the board, so we’ve got lots of new starters joining us. I join a training session to bring the latest cohort up to speed with Luminance’s approach to customer success, and how we fit in with and complement the other customer-facing roles, such as Account Executives and Product Specialists. Every customer of Luminance gets a dedicated Account Executive, Product Specialist and Customer Success Manager, covering all of their needs, from commercial, to technical, to strategic use.

12 pm

I now have an onboarding call with a new customer – a US-based pharmaceutical giant who are looking to automate their legal activity business-wide. The onboarding call helps to set out the company’s goals, work out how to action these effectively, and generate excitement amongst the team. This is one of the aspects I enjoy most about my job, mapping out a strategy for each customer to ensure they achieve the results they want. It’s a combination of problem-solving and critical thinking to come up with the right approach, and then fostering a strong relationship to deliver that to each client in a constructive way.

1 pm

Now the weather is on the up, we like to sit in St James Square while we eat lunch. My current go-to is Farmer J, right by Piccadilly Circus, so I grab a salad box to enjoy in the sun with my team!

2 pm

After lunch, I’ve got an exciting meeting with Luminance’s Product team to align our upcoming developments and product roadmap with customer use and feedback. I love relaying the ideas that customers have requested and seeing our incredible team turn these into real features! And then it’s always great to see how pleased our customers are that their feedback has been taken on board. This feedback loop has been instrumental to some of our fantastic latest features, such as Auto Mark-Up and Ask Lumi in the Repository.

4 pm

This afternoon I’m visiting a customer onsite for training. I try to make these sessions as interactive as possible as this is the best way to get everyone engaged and confident using Luminance for themselves. We start out by demonstrating Luminance’s key features, focussing on any specific use cases relevant to the customer – for example, this one is particularly keen to automate routine reviews such as NDAs and Service Agreements. Then, we get the users to go through it on their own documents. Each user will have their specific focuses and pain points, so it’s useful for them to try it out for themselves, with us on-hand to answer any questions that come up. It’s great to see everyone get excited about how transformative Luminance is, especially once they see how easy it is to use – even the most tech-averse team members are convinced once they’ve managed to complete multiple reviews in under 5 minutes!

6 pm

With work done, I’m now off to play netball in Victoria. Luminance’s team The Red Flags are currently top of the league, so we need to make sure we keep up our winning streak!